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    Mining Crypto Currency – What Investment Advantages?

    Today the question is not even discussed whether it is worth investing in crypto-currencies. If it was not so, we would not even start writing it. But there are nuances; therefore we will consider the facts that make investments in crypto-currencies so profitable. Let’s consider the best investment opportunities.


    In Mining

    Investing in mining cannot afford all. If we talk about such coins with a big presence in the industry, then the amounts for the purchase of equipment are six-digit. Naturally, only large investors can afford that.

    Nevertheless, consider the power consumption of such equipment. Because of this, the profit from the extraction of blocks can remain very conditional, or generally go into negative. Then even about the payback of such an investment, there will be no question.

    Also, the complexity of mining is constantly increasing, in connection with which the miner will have to constantly invest more money to match the current state of things.

    crypto currency, Mining Crypto Currency – What Investment Advantages?


    In Cloud Mining

    Now investments in cloud mining of crypto-currencies are much more popular than the classical mining of coins. This is simplified mining, releasing the person who invested in it, from paying bills for electricity, clock control, setting up software, etc.

    But cloud-based mining has a lot in common with classical earnings. For example, it also happens due to computing power. But you only pay for it and give a small percentage of the service. And the data centers themselves with powerful equipment can be located in another corner of the world.


    Advantages Of Cloud Mining:

    Relatively High Profitability. Many services, such as Bitmex, provide income from invested funds in the amount of 200% to 400% per annum. Considering the growth in the price of the cryptocurrency, the prospects are very good;

    Companies have an official status, because their services are of high quality, and the acquired tariffs are performed under the same conditions as originally claimed;

    The profit from cloud mining can be quite effectively predicted. Since the indicators of the average complexity of the network and the rate are used;

    On one service, contracts for the mining of several popular crypto-currencies are available. This allows you to secure yourself if some investment is threatened due to the fall of the coin rate;


    Possibility Of Auto-Setting;

    Profitable referral programs, according to which investors can receive additional income.

    But before investing money in the cloud-clearing of crypto-currencies, one should also remember about the risks.

    • There is a probability that the course of the coin, in the extraction of which you invested, will fall;
    • The seller of contracts may be unfair;
    • The site will undergo a hacker attack;
    • There will be a sharp increase in the complexity of extraction of the selected cryptocurrency.

    In general, you need to weigh all the risks and prospects correctly before investing big money.


    In The Creation Of New Block Projects

    Perhaps ICO can be called the most complex investment tools. If you look at the results of the past year, ICO projects have collected more than $3 billion. And in 2018 the prospects for the development of new projects are even better.

    Therefore, investing in ICO is a very dangerous occupation. Especially if the creators of the startup are not able to confirm the functionality of the product. Investors can rely only on open information provided on the project website. But no one gives guarantees that this information is true.

    crypto currency, Mining Crypto Currency – What Investment Advantages?

    Although the successful choice of the project does not guarantee its high profitability. ICO is often overestimated. That is why the value of the cryptocurrency is rapidly going down immediately after its access to the exchange.


    But One Cannot Ignore The Fact That The ICO Has Some Important Advantages:

    • If good news comes out, the value of tokens grows even against the background of a general collapse in the market;
    • The price of undervalued coins often rises by hundreds of percent after entering the exchange;
    • The price of coins is very low at the time of distribution.
    • Investing a large amount in the ICO cryptocurrency is unsafe. Therefore before this, focus on studying the project team. The more experienced they are, the more serious the project.

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