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    Maintaining Focus on Social Marketing

    The world of social media is huge and continues to get bigger by the day. Even people who know very little about computers or the internet are being drawn into the various social media sites and are actively participating and growing their sphere of friends.


    This, of course, has meant that internet marketers have begun to target the popularity of social media for the purpose of marketing their business, brands, and websites through this channel. It is a tremendous opportunity for online marketers, however many of them tend to get carried away with the marketing aspect of these communities and lose focus as to what they are all about. This can and does have a negative effect on the results they see on their social media marketing.


    Success with social marketing, from my experience, is all about maintaining the proper focus. Marketers must remember the reason that the majority of people have for participating in social media communities. It is for socializing. People do not want to, or appreciate being bombarded with non-stop marketing messages.


    It is important for marketers to not be overly focused on making money and promoting their business or website, and not focused enough on simply socializing. It gets obnoxious and turns people off. As a marketer, if all you are doing is promoting yourself and going overboard with it, you will end up unwittingly spamming your fans or followers. This will lead to you getting your posts ignored, blocked or even banned.


    First and foremost, use your social media accounts to socialize and to provide value to your fans and followers. If you use these platforms in the way they were intended you will become much more popular and will have much more success.


    Socialize first and promote second. Seek to form a relationship with our followers. Be yourself and let them get to know you. Talk about other interesting things once in a while besides just topics that are related to the business that you are seeking to promote. Use tools such as surveys and polls to gain the attention of your followers and get them actively involved and coming back often. By making it fun and interesting you will gain more followers and get more response from them in the long run.


    You should also use these mediums to provide something of value to your followers. Offer free information, free resources or tips that they will find valuable and appreciate. Make it worth their while to pay attention to what you have to say.


    When you do these things you will have no problem attracting hundreds or even thousands of fans and followers that will be interested in what you have to say, and ultimately what you have to offer. By providing an enjoyable and valuable forum for your followers, they will be much more open to looking at what you are providing from a business or money-making standpoint. That’s it, focus on the social aspect and then let the business part follow.


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