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    How to Write Effective Email Marketing Content

    In the world of marketing, changes are constantly taking place. New tools and technologies are emerging. The demand for quality continues to grow as consumers face a huge amount of information every day. But one thing is certain – email marketing continues to hold the leading position in strengthening the relationship between sellers and buyers. As mailings increasingly fill the boxes of recipients, the approaches to email marketing also change. Learn how to write effective email marketing content and attract more readers.


    Tips on how to create emails that will bring more subscribers

    Consider email marketing trends, which prevail in 2019.

    1. Full automation of mailings: Very often, the preparation of mailings takes a lot of time. Automate the process with the help of the mailing service, and you’ll have plenty of free time for other tasks. Automation of email marketing helps to adapt to the tastes and preferences of your customers and, thus, improve the quality of communication with them. It’ll be much easier to analyze the collected customer information and make informed decisions. This gives companies the ability to customize requests for each user based on their preferences. It’ll lead to an increase in open ability, clickability, and conversion.The preparation of mailings will cease to resemble a catastrophe and will turn into an interesting occupation. For example, a series of welcome email letters, which is created one time and then launched automatically, form the brand’s trust and loyalty to the subscriber.

      Mailing services have powerful segmentation and personalization capabilities. Using them, you send material to clients based on an analysis of past actions – what they discovered, which links they clicked, etc. So, without automation, email marketing may have a direct route to spam.

    1. In-depth segmentation and personalization: Business trends come and go, but some show consistent sustainability every year. Personalized emails designed with the preferences in mind help customers treat emails as a friendly gesture, not a factor of irritation.But how do you know what email subscribers want? It is easy to find out by analyzing previous customer purchases, conducting in-depth segmentation by gender, age, and referrals. Send buyers emails with a link to a short test to determine fashion preferences. Then, prepare the relevant email text, which will help the company permanently occupy a place in customers’ email inboxes.
    1. Increasing Spam Control: Email marketing, despite all the intrigues of detractors, is developing and in the coming years is not going to leave the leading position in strengthening the relations of companies with customers. But if 10 years ago, quantity successfully replaced quality, then in 2019 it’s necessary to abandon unsystematic mailings. Times have changed, as well as consumer preferences.Marketers already know that it makes no sense to send emails to people who don’t want to receive them. Give subscribers the right to choose at the start of the topic of mailings that will be sent to their mailboxes. Do not send them tons of junk email. This causes only complaints about spam. Subscribers receive only the letters they need, and you – the loyal attitude of customers to the company and brand. Also, instead of the general “Unsubscribe” button, invite readers to choose newsletters they aren’t interested in anymore. Thus, the audience itself will say what it wants to receive and what doesn’t. As you give your customers more control over what goes into their inboxes, customer engagement will grow. Spam complaints will decrease dramatically.
    1. Make emails more interactive and fun: Every year customers become much more demanding. Standard emails are no longer interesting to recipients. If you want to constantly keep the attention of subscribers and attract new ones, include more interactive in the newsletters. Animation, games, and quizzes will constantly stir up the interest of customers. In 2019, use interactive elements in letters. This will increase sales and attract new customers.
    2. Focus on content quality: It means you need to understand the desires and needs of your customers. When communicating with subscribers, follow the rule: “We’re sending only interesting and useful content for the target audience, or nothing.” Without good content, adapted to the needs and problems of each segment of consumers, you’ll not achieve your goals. Every year it becomes more difficult to embody as the reader is now more demanding to mailings. Unsystematic spam does not suit the subscriber. Recipients no longer need a continuous stream of advertising in the mailbox. Instructions, helpful articles, news or tips – all this is going to help to warm up the interest of the client to the brand for a long time. Is writing texts not your strong point? Turn to professional writers from ProHighGrades who have a large experience in writing.


    Creating email marketing content: Things to keep in mind 

    The topic of emails plays a big role. Just looking at the topic, the subscriber can decide to open an email or ignore it. Follow three general rules to succeed:

    • Do not mislead the recipient. All that is written in the subject should be in the letter;
    • Don’t be wordy. Just provoke the curiosity of the recipients to make it interesting for them to read the letter;
    • In the beginning, place the keywords that reflect the meaning. It’s due to the fact that most people view mail on mobile devices, where a limited number of characters are displayed.
    • Include the preheader. It reveals the meaning of the headline and gives more information about what is in the letter. If you don’t fill this field yourself, email providers will simply display the beginning of your letter. Sometimes, it looks inappropriate: “View the letter in the browser.” Such a message immediately after the topic looks careless.


    • Without corporate identity, you will be lost among competitors. Opening the letter, the subscriber must understand exactly who it came from. This is facilitated by the design of templates in the corporate style. Be sure to place the logo in the layout of the letter and make a design using corporate colors. Also, the design of the landing page must match the design of the email marketing letter. The landing page should look like a natural continuation of the newsletter. It’ll be comfortable for the perception of the subscriber when he or she follows the link to the page from the email.



    Use tests to know what your target audience needs

    A/B testing is a great way to improve email marketing with little resources and no risk. To do this, you create several distribution options to check which version fits your target audience best. This technique helps to identify what is going to provide more open ability, clickability, and conversions. Conduct a test and see how small changes in the emails affect the performance.

    Using tests, you’ll determine which email text, CTA and other techniques for attracting clients are suitable for your target audience. Knowing the information that brings results, you can easily create emails with a strong text that sells. Even simple testing and subsequent optimization of the results can improve the important indicators of email marketing and increase the company’s revenues. No time to write interesting letters? Entrust this task to expert writers and enjoy the guaranteed success.

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