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    How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free

    Did you know that affiliate marketing can be started without spending a single cent? Most people wouldn’t consider it a viable way to make money long term. This is down to the fact that you must take a very active role when marketing like this. It can be exceedingly tough to turn it into a passive income. That being said, it really is a great way to get the money rolling in at the start. 

    What we are going to talk about on this page is just one method for how to start affiliate marketing for free. There are a lot of different methods you can use. We genuinely believe the method we talk about here is ‘the best’. It is certainly one that you can do with the minimum amount of experience. In fact, the method we are going to talk about with you is going to require nothing more than a knowledge of social media. You don’t need to know about search engine optimization or anything like that.

    You will need a website

    We have a couple of ways that you can start affiliate marketing for free. For our method, you are going to need to have a website. Sadly, if you are not paying anything for your website, you are not going to have that much control over it. You may also find that you are rejected by the vast majority of top affiliate programs. For example; you may not be able to do Amazon Associates on Blogger because you can’t add your own terms and conditions pages. However, you may be able to do Amazon Associates on a page. Basically, the more control you have, the more affiliate programs you will get accepted to.

    One of the reasons why our method for how to start affiliate marketing for free requires a website rather than sharing a direct affiliate link is because it is a bit more reputable. People would rather see pages full of content rather than a raw link. There is also a chance that you will be able to pull a small amount of traffic from searches like this. However, this is not our main focus.

    You need a niche

    When it comes to your niche choice, there aren’t really any rules. We always suggest that you write about what you know. It is easier to produce content that way, and a whole lot more fun.

    What we can tell you is that the method on this page will work best if you have a broad niche. It is easier to find ways to promote yourself like so. So, for example, instead of writing about water flossers or something like that, you would have tooth care as your overall niche. If you don’t do that, you are really backing yourself into a corner and you won’t make as much cash.

    Stick with the evergreen niches too e.g. finance, dating, making money online, etc. This way you will be able to promote yourself year-round, and you won’t really have any lulls in your money-making.

    There is no need to do any keyword research. This is because this method does not require any SEO.

    Choosing your affiliate program

    This is going to be personal preference. We wouldn’t really recommend Amazon Associates for this method, though. Amazon is just way too strict with its policies, and you may end up getting removed from the program which is annoying. We recommend browsing websites like Commission Junction for CPA offers or maybe look into casino affiliates. It is easier to earn a commission with CPA offers, though. After all, you just need to encourage somebody to do something which is (in most cases) going to free for them to do. Casino affiliates work as it can generate regular commissions each month, and that is fantastic. Although, do bear in mind that you can’t really be a casino affiliate in the United States. 

    Producing your content

    This is when things start to get fun. You need to load your website up with content. Since you don’t need to worry about keywords, you can use our favorite method. This is to go through Quora and Reddit questions related to your niche. If you see some questions being asked more than others, write it down. You will want to write an article on that. You will see why in a short while. Remember; you may want to have a few review posts scattered into things, particularly if you are going against our advice and using Amazon Associates. Make sure these reviews are linked to your informational posts. That way people can discover them. You can also you can try to build your own facebook group to promote your reviews.

    Sharing your content

    Now, it is time to make money. This is going to be quite an active process, and while you may earn a bit of passive income over time, you are going to need to be doing this every single day if you want to make decent sums of cash.

    Your job is to track down communities in your niche. This could be sites like Quora, Reddit, forums, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You will want to be active in the communities that you join. Take part in the discussions. Do not head to a site and act like a marketer. You will be shunned. Take an active role. Answer questions. Don’t always promote yourself.

    Every so often, you will have a question related to your post pop up. Answer that question, then provide your website as a source (or tell people to visit the website if they want to know more).

    That really is it. Obviously, along the way, you will want to be producing more content for your website. This provides more content for you to share online, which means more hits on your website, and more chances of making a little bit of money.

    Once the money starts to roll in, we suggest that you create your own dedicated website and aim to do SEO on it instead. It will give you more traffic and more passive income. However, if you have absolutely no cash to your name, the method detailed on this page will give you the best possible start when it comes to internet marketing. It tends to work quickly too. Some people report that they make their commission within a day or two of sharing their content. Not too bad, right?

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