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    How to Integrate Social Media Buttons to Your Business Website

    You already have an idea how social sites drive traffic to your website. Then, did you know you could improve your social media reach by integrating Instagram, Facebook (FB), or Twitter buttons into your web design? An online user likes the products you sell online, but he or she may not buy them just yet. With the integration of the social buttons, you know that the users will add you to their network, thus letting you stay relevant. It eliminates the uncertainty of whether the visitors will bookmark your site or not or return to purchase your merchandise. This is the reason why you must include Instagram or Facebook buttons to your site. Here are a few ways to do it:


    AddFacebook Like Button

    Integrate Facebook social buttons to your web pages to spread your message and boost brand awareness. You can add the FB like button on any of the pages. Include a like box if you have a Facebook page for your company. All you need to do is visit the FB like button page and fill out the details for your button. Once you are through with this, click ‘Get code’. Pick the JavaScript code and paste the same into your HTML page next to the <body> tag. Next, choose the HTML, and paste the same where you would like the button to display on your site’s page. Now, you will see the FB like button on your preferred web page.


    Insert an Instagram Gallery

    If you are looking for more Instagram followers on your website, you have landed in the right place. Whether you are a budding wildlife photographer, own a food blog, or own an online shopping portal, integrating the Instagram gallery or the follow button to your site is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. If you’re already blessed with a considerable fan following on Instagram or an attractive feed, you must display the same on your website. You will find multiple plug-ins to achieve this. However, the widely preferred one is the Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon. It will let you add feeds from numerous Instagram accounts, customize your feed layout, highlight photos in a responsive format, and embed the feeds into your website. You can also take help of professional services such as Like4Like to increase your popularity on Instagram.


    Integrate Share Button to Your Blog

    The best place to integrate social media share buttons on the left-hand side of your blog. Your visitors can access these buttons with ease and scroll as they read your post, inspiring them to share the content. You can use the plug-in Sumo for maximum share of your posts. Packed with multiple features, this plug-in drives your website traffic and helps you to increase your blog subscribers.



    Add social media buttons to improve site traffic, grow your blog visitors, or share your site’s photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site. Followers will view your product-related content, like the high-resolution photos, and spend more time on your website.

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