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    Top 5 Gifts That Can Help You Attract More Customers to Your Business

    It is high time to move beyond the cheap pen with your logo on it. In fact, it is time to move beyond anything with your logo on it when it comes to giving gifts.

    So, what exactly makes a great gift? I feel there are a few points to consider:firstly, it should be relevant to the individual receiving it, secondly it should be about them not you, thirdly it should show that you value their business and it should show that you have put some serious thought and effort into finding the perfect gift to say thank you.

    Here are 5 types of gifts that I think send a great message and help you attract more customers. There are many options to source corporate gifts in singapore.


    1. A well-thought Book

    I think that a well-considered book, which implies that it is totally relevant for the recipient, is an excellent gift. The book can be of any author or genre which you know that your potential customer likes. Gifts should be physical in some way to have maximum benefit.


    2. A totally Unique Gift

    Think of something completely unique, that is one hundred percent about the person receiving it. You can choose from hand-painted t-shirts, other artwork, framed photos with your customers or an image of you with your customer at a specific event, a short film specially made by you for your customers and lots of other clever ideas. These gifts make for very special memories.


    3. An Impulsive Gift

    These are those gifts where the customer has no idea or hope of receiving a gift. For example, something as simple as the owner of a coffee shop giving you your favorite coffee for free to say “thanks’ for your business. In many ways, the impulsive gifts are the most meaningful and sincere, and they should be used often.


    4. A Wellbeing Gift

    These are those gifts that are really nice, personal gifts that create a connection. You can buy a gift voucher for a day of spa pampering, it would be hard for your client to say no and not to feel a pleasing sense of gratefulness regarding your gift. They would appreciate you for giving them a day of indulgence, being pampered, and you helped them to feel good physically and mentally.


    5. A Magazine Subscription

    This is another great gift option, gift your clients a free subscription of their favorite magazine. Moreover, there are so many magazines to choose from it is generally easy to find one that is really relevant to the recipient. Secondly, every month, regular as clockwork, another issue keeps arriving, as a warm reminder of your gift.

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