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    Easy Steps to Boost Your Website’s SEO ROI

    So, you’ve built your site, started investing in SEO, but your conversion rates are still poor. What’s happening? Well, just making a site or optimizing it for certain keywords is not enough to rank high. To boost your exposure in the SERPs and start generating ROI, you need to have a comprehensive SEO strategy to support you.

    Here are a few simple ways to give your SEO ROI a boost.


    Implement related suggestions.

    Driving traffic to your site is amazing, but now you need to get them to navigate through your site. This is where related suggestions shine. Once a user clicks on your article, you should provide them with similar content recommendations. These practices will certainly boost your clicks and engagement rates. Most importantly, these recommendations provide highly personalized experiences, as they change based on the user and the page content.


    Don’t ignore mobile users

    SEO, Easy Steps to Boost Your Website’s SEO ROI


    You’ve probably heard that Google is now indexing mobile versions of sites. It’s not surprising as mobile is now a preferred method of conducting an online search. And, to meet both Google’s and your customers’ expectations, you should optimize your site with mobile users in mind.

    To adapt them to smaller screens, organize your website elements proactively and pare them down to the bare necessities. You need to provide the same usability but on a tinier display. Here are a few brief steps you should take:

    • Make your content easy to read. Leave lots of white space, choose bold and legible fonts, break the text into smaller paragraphs, go with an at least 14px font.
    • Instead of Flash that doesn’t work on mobile devices, use HTML5 to display your fancy video and animations.
    • Add social buttons as a sidebar.
    • Use large, prominent calls to action.
    • Make your site buttons easy to spot and click on.
    • Boost your site’s speed. Google’s AMP may work great for you.


    Focus your SEO efforts on branding.

    SEO, Easy Steps to Boost Your Website’s SEO ROI


    In the sea of similar brands, your site is your online ID. It reflects your brand’s core values and missions tell its story and show its human side. It also represents the initial point of your interaction with your customers. Precisely because of that, you need to center your SEO efforts around building a brand image.

    Start by giving your brand a tone, voice, and personality. Make it consistent across all pages on your site, from CTAs to your chatbots. Most importantly, bring value through your content.

    Make it engaging, timely, and educative. Apart from articles, focus on other types of content, such as videos, infographics, case studies, white papers, in-house research, podcasts. They will help you position yourself as a trustworthy online resource (see how Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, and Neil Patel have been using content to position themselves as industry leaders). Above all, invest your time and effort in storytelling. This gives you the opportunity to improve your brand positioning and connect with your target audience on an emotional level.


    Gain links from authoritative sites.

    SEO, Easy Steps to Boost Your Website’s SEO ROI


    There are numerous powerful link building techniques but, to boost your ROI, you should start with guest blogging. It lets you boost your site’s exposure in the online world, harness the authority from a reputable site you’re publishing on and, at the same time, bring value to your target audience. This is why the articles you create need to be trending, highly informative, and relevant to the site’s readers. As for your guest blogging opportunities, choose top-notch ones. Never forget to measure their DA, PA, engagement rates, conversions, and the quality of content before reaching out to them.


    Redirect dead links.

    Your users don’t want to get a 404 when they click on your listing in the SERPs. Broken links may hurt your user experience and get your potential customers to leave you for your competitors. Worse yet, they tell Google that your site is poorly optimized and irrelevant to your target audience, which may impact your SEO rankings. However, to find broken links, you don’t have to analyze every single page and test each link manually. There are numerous tools that can do this job for you, including Screaming Frog SEO, Google Webmaster Tool, and W3C Link Checker.


    Stay on top of your SEO ROI

    SEO, Easy Steps to Boost Your Website’s SEO ROI


    To determine whether the SEO practices you chose to work for your business, measure your ROI continuously. By tracking your sales and other valuable metrics, you will see how many sales are coming from SEO. It’s important to assess multi-channel attribution to compare your SEO efforts with other digital marketing tactics like retargeting, direct visits, social networks, etc.

    Pay attention to each stage of your sales funnel. If your engagement and conversion rates are poor, you need to see what causes these problems. It could be the keywords you’re targeting, content that doesn’t resonate with your target audience or a poor backlink portfolio. You need to work on minimizing your major weaknesses and focus on those SEO techniques that result in higher conversions and sales.


    Over to you

    Yes, it’s 2018 and most of you are using at least some SEO practices. However, to take the fullest advantage of them and boost your ROI, you need to know plan your moves strategically and make additional fixes continuously.

    With these simple adjustments, you will significantly boost your online authority, as well as improve your rankings, conversion rates, and grow your revenue.

    What tactics do you use to generate a higher ROI from your SEO campaigns?

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