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    Digital Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

    Do you own an E-commerce business?

    If yes, then you must encounter a constant conflict of what to do and what not to do when it comes to drafting a digital marketing strategy for your e-commerce business.

    Well, worry not! This article brings forth such 9 awesome digital marketing tips that deliver amazing results for your e-commerce business.

    Come, let us discuss each one in detail.


    • Mobile Optimization Is Important

    Having a mobile-friendly website is really important for any e-commerce business as almost one-third online shopping is done through mobile phones.

    In fact, having a mobile-friendly website increases the chances of converting a visitor into a customer by 67%.

    Hence, providing a responsive mobile-friendly experience to your users is really important otherwise it won’t take much time of your users to jump to another website.

    Improving the website loading speed, making it search friendly, and easy checkout options make your first-time users to be your permanent customers in the long run.


    • Flaunt User-Generated Content

    Displaying user-generated content on your website helps you to bring the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale.

    This helps you increase user engagement, hence, the dwell time of your website visitors.

    Not only that, flaunting user-generated reviews, feedback, images, videos, and other forms of content on your e-commerce website helps you reflect social proof and the trust your loyal users have in your brand and if you are wondering how to do it, then using social media aggregator tool is the best possible way for it.

    This helps to increase the conversion rate, and, hence grows the overall e-commerce sales.


    • Automated Responses & Live Chats

    Automated responses help you connect with your online shoppers in a better way giving them better user experience.

    Faster the response is, more the user trusts the brand.

    In fact, incorporating live chats on your e-commerce sites help your users to resolve any query they have before making the final purchasing decision.

    This also enables you to figure out the common problems that users encounter while engaging on your website. Hence, you can make the required amends improving the overall user experience.


    • Keep It Personal

    Present day users are impatient. They want everything relevant and personalized for them.

    Almost 75% of users get frustrated when they are displayed with irrelevant information while they are looking for a specific product.

    Hence, providing a personalized user experience on your e-commerce website is of utter importance.

    You may employ customer behaviour algorithms for that purpose and give personalized recommendations to your users.

    Users love them. Personalized recommendations make the shopping experience interesting and engaging.


    • How Can You Forget Social Media

    No marketing strategy is complete without social media being a part of it. Social media helps you grow the customer base by expanding your social reach and social influence.

    Social media is the pool from where you can gather quality user-generated content to display social proof and grow social trust.

    Social media platforms are so important for marketing your e-commerce business.

    They give you the perfect exposure in front of your targeted audience helping you to display user-generated content and initiate the word of mouth marketing for your e-commerce brand.


    • Strengthen Your Email Marketing

    A robust e-mail marketing strategy is a must for any e-commerce business to grow. Behaviour-targeted email marketing, as statistics reveal, is 39% more effective than any normal email marketing strategy.

    Automating your email marketing also helps to deliver better results. It helps you to send relevant and timely emails to your subscribers and users.

    Email marketing helps you to generate leads.

    You could mail your users and remind them of their abandoned carts thus inspiring them to complete the sales.


    • Reward Your Loyal Customers

    Rewarding your loyal customers helps you retain their loyalty in the future. You could reward them with loyalty points or credit points for future purchases.

    This trick helps you buy their loyalty and keep them engaged on your website to discover more such benefits.

    It happens to create a sense of belonging with the brand in the user’s mind. Your existing customers are likely to make a purchase worth more than a new customer. They are also likely to recommend your e-commerce brand to their family members and friends.


    • Quick and Active Customer Support

    An excellent customer support system is important and very essential to run a successful e-commerce business.

    An e-commerce business cannot be only about selling. It grows with the improving customer-brand relationship. A quick and active customer support system is the ladder to achieve that.

    Customer support is the first contact point where a customer goes in the moment of crisis. Your active support helps to build your brand credibility developing the user’s trust in your brand and converting him/her into a permanent customer.

    You could provide multi-channel customer support via e-mail, chatbots, phone, social media, help desk, etc.


    • Enrich Your Website With Quality Content

    Enriching your website with quality content is the real deal breaker for any e-commerce website.

    Try enhancing the quality of your website content by using relevant references, user-generated content, high-quality images, videos explaining your products better, and more.

    Try keeping it simple and genuine. That’s what resonates the most with the users. Your e-commerce website is what creates the first impression on your users and first impressions are really important. So, let’s not take the importance of content lightly.

    Engage your users with high-quality content and convert them into customers.


    Final Words…

    Running an e-commerce business is no joke. It involves planning and executions at multiple levels.

    The above-explained points, if effectively implemented, will help you draft an effective digital marketing strategy which will help you drive conversions, increase e-commerce sales, and grow your e-commerce business.

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