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    5 Mistakes You Should Not Make With Corporate Gifting

    Are you looking for corporate gift ideas for your clients or staff? Or maybe you’ve selected one which you think fits the bill perfectly? Hold on for a second – make sure to check this list of mistakes you need to avoid before delivering your corporate gifts. Whether you wish to make a good impression among loyal customers or want to reward hard-working employees, corporate gift giving can be tricky. Follow our guide on 5 mistakes you should not make with corporate gifting. For good Gifting options, you can buy corporate gifts wholesale.


    1.  Avoid Cheap Gifts

    Avoid cheap corporate gifts always and when you are trying to impress the recipient of the gift. If a corporate gift looks inexpensive, it will overthrow the whole point of buying it in the first place. Loyal customers and your hard-working employees deserve to be shown gratitude through the gift you give them, and if their gift looks cheap and unthoughtful, you will lose the opportunity to build trust and respect.


    2.  Absurdly Expensive Gifts

    While cheap gifts should be avoided at all cost, it is important to make sure you don’t go overboard with your business gift giving. A gift that has clearly cost a small fortune can make the recipient feel uncomfortable, particularly if it’s out of proportion to the amount they spend with you or the salary you pay them. Play it safe with a realistic budget – if you don’t spend too little and avoid spending too much, your gift will send just the right message.


    3.  Adhere to Cultural and Religious Beliefs

    One of the most important rules to follow when buying gifts for co-workers or clients are to be sensitive to their cultural or religious beliefs. Consider that your recipient may not celebrate the same holidays that you do. For example, delivering a corporate Christmas gift for a Jehovah’s Witness, or a present containing pork for someone of Muslim faith, may be interpreted as insensitive. Instead, make sure that you know the recipient of your gift well enough to know what to send – and what not to. Instead, why not take the opportunity to send out gifts for events they celebrate – even if you don’t?


    4.  Promotional Gifts

    Business gift giving with a promotional message behind is never a good way of creating strong relationships. Adding a logo to your gift is more than acceptable but creating a marketing tactic out of your gift-giving, to increase profit gain or an up sale on a contract isn’t a wise idea. A corporate gift should show your gratitude and appreciation. if the recipient thinks you’re only sending it for promotional gain, then the purpose of your corporate gift giving will become pointless.


    5.  Forgetting Your Presentation Skills

    When thinking of gift ideas for clients, sending them out with the perfect presentation is also very essential. Not only do these corporate presents represent your brand and company, but if they arrive unwrapped or with an obvious lack of effort, your present will seem instantly less appealing.

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