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    How Content Marketing Agencies Can Boost Business With Interactive Content

    The Internet came into existence in 1993 – that’s when the first web browser was created, and since then, there’s a lot of content that has been created and put up on the internet. According to one report, it is estimated that approximately 1.2 Terabyte (1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes) of data is present on the internet. But how much of that data is utilized by the user?

    In a digital age, everyone is in a hurry, and everyone wants to make big with the knowledge they possess. But to bring out something positive out of that knowledge, the first thing that needs to be done is to develop these insights in the first place. And the primary source of any information in today’s world is the Internet. The World Wide Web contains the answer to everything, from a size of a tip of the needle to the diameter of the Sun. You can know everything.

    But still, there’s a void present. There’s too much content but not enough knowledge, and the main reason behind this disconnect is the way the content is presented in front of this world. We creators understand that nearly a decade ago, that’s when we start developing the new method to convey our content to the world. And when platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, and Tumblr come into existence, where we start putting up our content not just in the form of blogs or essays but an interactive medium as well – that is what sparked the early rise of Interactive content. That’s the time when we start communicating with the people in the form of videos and images, i.e. through multimedia.

    This form of content became popular and boomed in a way that we didn’t even imagine. But like every other thing, this method is also coming to its saturation, and for people, it’s becoming less appealing. And to attract more and more people, we creators need to come up with something new. This time rather than changing the medium we change the form of content. And come up with something called Interactive Content.


    What is Interactive Content?

    Going by the definition provided by SnapApp, interactive content requires a participant’s active engagement – more than merely reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about.

    In layman’s terms, we need to provide content which doesn’t bore people and leave them with some experience.

    According to the Time Magazine, ‘An Average Person loses concentration after 8 seconds.’ This means that you are provided with an 8-second window in which you have to convey a message to your audience, and also ensure that a message is presented in such a manner that it doesn’t bore your audience & leaves them with a satisfactory experience. As a result, the engagement rate of an audience with your content becomes higher.

    That’s exactly what a good content marketing company or a good content marketing agency should try to achieve.


    Types of Interactive Content

    Interactive content can be of many forms, and a content marketing agency can use any of these types to grow their content marketing services easily. There’s always a higher chance that your audience will engage more deeply and actively with your interactive content rather the traditional forms of content.

    Here are some types of Interactive Content:

    1. INFOGRAPHICS – As the name suggests, Infographics is a visual representation of your information using the graphical images, charts or diagrams.
    2. INTERACTIVE VIDEO –  Videos are an effective way to engage your audience with your content. According to the survey, 43% of the users are more interested in the video content from the brand rather than the traditional content.

    3. POLLS AND SURVEY – Polls and Surveys provide the user with the freedom of giving feedback. And many times, these feedbacks are anonymous. So, the user ends up providing honest reviews, which can help the agency to improve their content marketing services.

    1. CALCULATORS – These are one of the most effective tools when it comes to finding out the leads and sales generated. A large number of users tend to like these tools because you don’t need to give any fancy words and you are getting a pure data in return. They are efficient and straightforward to work with. They take the input from the users and based on formula gives the output, which is usually in the form of numbers.

    1. INTERACTIVE EMAILS – Though Interactive email is still in a developing phase, it is still the most efficient way to interact with your audience. Since emails are always one-on-one and not one-to-many, they can communicate with your audience better than any other medium. Another advantage of having an interactive email is that the emails have the most significant ROI. For every 1$ spent, email marketing generates 38$ in ROI.


    So these are some of the interactive content techniques, using which content marketers can boost their businesses. Every content marketer could use these techniques and be as interactive as he can with his audience.

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