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    Can Stickers and Decals Help Your Brand?

    Whether you have a business or a creative endeavor like a band, getting your brand out there can be one of the most important contributors to your success. Having people see your logo, your chosen color palette, and other things you have picked out to represent what you do not only have a powerful impact in terms of how people think about you but can also make sure people remember you and form a relationship with what you do in their minds.


    Branding and Consumer Psychology

    It has been shown in psychological studies relating to advertising and marketing that on average, a person needs to see a brand around seven times to remember it. This can happen in many ways. They may see an advertisement, the header of the brand’s website, or some merchandise they have in their homes, such as free mugs, lanyards or mouse mats and other promotional goodies they got at a trade show or event.

    What this means to you as the owner of your brand is that the more times you can get your branding in front of people’s eyes, the more powerful it will become.


    Stickers and Decals

    With it being the case that you want to have your branding seen as frequently as possible, and in as many places as you can display it, it can make a lot of sense to have some stickers or decals made up that you can put in as many places as you can. Custom label printing can be fairly inexpensive and can allow you to have a lot of flexibility about how and where you place your carefully designed branding in front of potential customers.


    Where Can You Use Custom Stickers and Decals for Good Results?

    The only real limit in terms of where you can place some bespoke, branded stickers to have your target audience see them and begin to recognize your brand, is legality. You can certainly put your stickers on things like company vehicles, on your products, the packaging you send your goods out in (if you sell online), or even just give them out as things your fans can put wherever they want (a great way to do things if you are a creative brand rather than a company that sells products or services). What you can’t generally do is put them in places where you don’t have permission or use them to cover up other people’s advertising. Always ask the owners of a business if you would like to leave your stickers in their shop, pub or cafe. In many cases, they will be happy to help you out, but they won’t be so pleased if you drop them there without talking to them about it first.

    Stickers that show off your branding can be an excellent way to make your target audience more familiar with what you do by exposure and can be a very cost-effective means of marketing if you use them well.

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