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    Banner Stands: Your Most Versatile Marketing Resource

    If you own professionally designed corporate banner stands, you already know that this marketing resource offers impressive versatility and convenience. Visually compelling, yet lightweight, banner stands can be used virtually everywhere that you want to get your marketing message out to the masses, in just a single glance.


    Get Creative When Using Your Corporate Banner Stands

    Are you optimizing the use of your banner stands? Many entrepreneurs use their corporate signage for trade show events alone; however, only using these signs at exhibits can mean missing out on some major marketing opportunities where banner stands can add extra impact. Get creative when using your corporate signs and consider using them anywhere you need to live market your company, including:


    As Part Of A Sales Presentation:

    Do you want to add a little extra visual punch to your next client presentation? Use your corporate signs. One large image of the product or services you are promoting delivers the optimal return on investment with your audience.


    Grouped Visual:

    Don’t have the resources to purchase a full-sized trade show exhibit for use at live encounter events? Not a problem! Use several customized banner stands together at the various function for a cohesive final message.


    Restaurant Marketing:

    Are you running a restaurant or nightclub? Use your signs to showcase specials, drinks, meals, and live entertainment.


    Project Bids:

    Looking to stand out from the competition, but also bidding on a specific client project? Setup your business signage to enhance your overall proposal. Your sign will reinforce your message, as well as give them an up close and personal look at your branding.


    Silent Sales:

    Are you missing out on a live encounter marketing opportunity, because your sales team simply does not have the bandwidth to attend? Your sign can act as your silent salesperson to get the message out about your organization without ever having to say a word.


    Healthcare Facilities:

    Hospitals, family practices, and other healthcare facilities can all tap into the power of business signs to announce the latest medication, treatment process, or offered services.


    Lobby Resource:

    Everyone wants a fun way to spend their time waiting in a business lobby. Give your guests something to look at and learn about while they wait in yours. Setup your sign to give information on your hottest merchandise to encourage a conversation when the wait is over.


    Eliminate Crowd Buildup:

    Have you found that your main exhibit quickly gets overpopulated with visitors? Eliminate a crowded bottleneck by setting up a smaller display area using signage, so guests can get an up-close look at your merchandise without having to wait in a lengthy line.



    Hospitality facilities are always offering various promotions and specials to guests. Use your banner stands to get the word out about what your patrons can look forward to during their stay in a clear and professional way.


    Before And After Messaging:

    Everyone loves seeing what a certain product or service can do. Use high-quality images on your signs to show before and after shots of what your business offers to get people excited about trying your services as well.

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