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    7 Tips for Producing a Corporate Video For Your Association

    The process of creating a successful corporate video can be challenging. Getting the attention of a particular audience is difficult. Yet, that is precisely what I wanted when doing my edit video. If you are not accustomed to corporate videos, the first thing that you should know is that they must clearly communicate what your brand is about, the unique value proposition your product or service has to offer, why your company is better than the rest, among other important aspects. All of these questions must be answered accordingly in the corporate video.


    7 tips when making an excellent corporate video

    Even if this is your first or tenth time making an edit corporate video, here are a few tips to help take it to the next level:

    • Outline your Audience

      Corporate videos provide information for those individuals already know about your company. Therefore, in my edit video, I always include my company history, philosophy, and any other thing I deem worthy to attract clients. Remember that these videos are usually presented on your company’s website, plus they can be shared on social media. That is why it is important to define your audience along with the key messages that you want to communicate. If you target a specific audience, your videos will be focused on them personally. Ultimately, this will have a much bigger impact.

    • Hire a professional to do the job

      Even though it may sound obvious, do not forget to do this! Hiring a video production company or freelancer for your corporate video is fundamental. Videographers are better in this sort of thing than you! They can provide insights on technical elements like scripts, lighting, editing, and everything else that is part of the video production process.

    • Create an emotional connection

      Generally, all purchase decisions are emotional decisions. I always take advantage of that with my edit video! Most corporate videos today are just recitations of details, features, and benefits. That is why viewers almost never get to the end of the video. If you want to make a difference, your message has to connect with them on an emotional level.

    • Generate a Narrative

      Although your corporate video is only two or three minutes long, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t follow a pattern.  It has an introduction, middle, and end. Plus, your narrative will need a lead character which could be a customer, the founder, or even one of your products. Make sure that whichever protagonist you choose, he/it must have a goal. Also, the obstacles that your protagonist faces must create tension! Nevertheless, once you get to the climax, it must be resolved followed by a happy ending.

    • Make sure to show it instead of saying it

      A video is a powerful tool which can be used for a wide array of things. Nowadays, more and more videos are flooding the marketing sector because they inform and persuade better than any other media type. A video will engage the audience both visually and orally. Don’t limit yourself to just explaining how your product works when you can actually show people how to use it. My edit video is a great way to convey a great deal of information quickly to an audience.  No matter which type of good or service you are promoting, with a proper corporate video, anything is possible.

    • Focus on your customer

      It is very important to remember that your customer wants to know how you can solve their problems, not the way around. You need to make sure that your corporate video is written from the client’s perspective. Avoid talking about yourself. Shift the focus and show the audience how your product or good is exactly what they need. When making the script, ask yourself questions like: What do they care about? What are their problems? How can we help them? Then, just answer them in your edit video. Once the audience has something it can relate to, everything flows smoother.

    • Don’t forget to promote your video

      In the end, you can’t forget to promote your own video. Posting your video on your website is just part of the job! Plus, to be honest, it doesn’t really succeed in promoting your edit video. If you want to maximize your opportunities, add your corporate video on YouTube and pitch the video to some important PR websites. This will also help to measure the reach of the material.

    After reading these tips, creating a corporate video doesn’t necessarily have to be an intimidating process. Just follow these tips and your next corporate video will be entertaining and informative. It is normal to have tons of doubts. But, once you get into the action, you will learn on the go. However, no matter what, do not forget any of these tips. You will notice how they can come in handy during the challenging moments.

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