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    5 Unmatchable Tips to Re-engage Customers, and to Get Them to Come Back

    As important as the acquisition of new leads is, it is equally important to retain and re-engage the older ones, and business pros agree with this. Each business has a database that shows a number of customers who have not engaged with the particular business in weeks, months, or years, and this can prove a loss for the business. It could be a cancellation of product subscription or uninstalling an app or a customer who bought a product six months back and never returned or any other reason. However, those days are gone when businesses used to forget their lost customers and move on to pay attention to their newer ones. In today’s extremely competitive world, focusing on customer re-engagement and trying to get them back is of utmost importance.

    Here are five unmatchable tips to re-engage customers and to get them to come back:


    Take a Feedback:

    Many companies have a survey that appears on the customer’s cancellation page. However, this survey can be brief and you may not get the full knowledge as to why the customer opted for cancellation. Emailing your ex-customers and requesting for a detailed feedback, the reason for their cancellation, and what tips they want to give to improve your customer service or products can bring in immense knowledge about how you can improvise further and bring back the lost customers. By doing this, you are also showing your ex-customer that you take your customers seriously and that you are putting in efforts to know what caused them to discontinue you. It will not just put a good impression of you in their mind but this action itself can sometimes convince a couple of them to get back to you.

     Tips to Re-engage Customers, 5 Unmatchable Tips to Re-engage Customers, and to Get Them to Come Back

    Special Occasions Matter:

    Special occasions like holidays, anniversaries, seasonal events, or big industry events are a perfect time to reach out to your clients to re-engage them. There are several simple tools available that have a number of email templates that you can use and the tool also allows you to add your logo to it. It hardly takes a few minutes and you can send out your message to all your clients reminding them of your brand.


    A Constant Reminder:

    There is something called as a drip email campaign which will help you recover some of your past customers. Drip email involves sending your past customers a series of emails over a certain period of time so that they are reminded of your constantly. This kind of campaigns will last for months and there are several tools available to do this. Using the tool you can strategically time when the emails will be sent to your clients. Initially starting with twice a month, and later on based on the analytics that identifies a trend in open and read rates, you can increase the number of emails being sent to your clients slowly. This method will not let them forget about your brand and sooner or later you may be able to recover a few clients.



    Customer Events:

    Hosting customer event is best at retaining the existing customer as well as an opportunity to recover past customers. Who does not love to be invited to an exclusive event? This is a sure-fire way to re-engage with your customers face-to-face. You can organize the event for a select number of people who you know after analyzing that you have higher chances of retaining and re-engaging. Avenue like a hotel or a restaurant is a great place for gathering and you can talk about all that is latest and happening in the industry. Organizing a customer event twice a year or even once a year can help you re-engage customers.


    Reward a Request:

    Another way of re-engaging your customer is along with a request you can offer a reward to them. You can either request for an introduction to new customers or request for a review or do both. In turn you can reward your customer a 20% off on their next purchase or any other scheme that will not just bring in new customers or get you great reviews but also your own customers will come back the second time to do business with you because of the offer or the reward you provided with your request. You may also gift customers barron printed t-shirts or for providing their feedback or taking a survey.

    These are some of the important strategies that can help you not only re-engage with your customers but also bring them back to you.

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