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    5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands in 2018

    Gone are the days when Instagram was just a Social Media platform for sharing photos. Today Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media Platform and Marketing tool for businesses. Instagram now has more than 30 Million Business profiles with 1 Billion monthly active users. 60 Million Plus photos are posted on Instagram every day with 1.6 Billion likes are given daily. That’s why this is one of great platform your business. In this article, I am going to share with you Instagram Marketing tips that you can use to grow your brand on Instagram.

    If your business is not on Instagram yet then Create an Instagram account and showcase your business on Instagram.

    But if your business is already on Instagram then your business might need a powerful Instagram Growth strategy and tips to grow fast on Instagram. There is a powerful Instagram Auto Liker tool that you can also use in your Instagram Marketing strategy to grow fast on Instagram.


    Why Instagram for Your Brand

    According to Instagram, 60% of people say they discover new products on the platform, and 75% of Instagrammers take action after being inspired by a post. Instagram has more than 2 Million advertisers who are advertising on Instagram so you can be the next one.

    Listing your business on the platform with 1 billion-plus active users from all over the world can help you grow your Brand very fast. If you want to grow your brand in different countries then Instagram is one of a great way to promote your business in any country you want because they have users from all over the world.

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    Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

    In this article, I will share with you Instagram Marketing tips for brand and strategies that brand can use to become Instagram famous. Here are some powerful Instagram marketing tips for the brand that actually works in 2018


    Create Killer Instagram Profile

    If you want to use Instagram as a marketing tool then it is really important to create a good presence on Instagram. This is especially important for small brads who want to grow fast on Instagram. Always do something unique and different to grow faster on the Internet. The more unique and different you look the more fats you grow.

    Instagram Profile


    Just give a clear idea to your followers that who your brand is and what you are selling and from which locations and country your brand is operation.

    Include everything in your bio and also make your profile look attractive. In your bio include a link to get traffic from Instagram to your website or landing pages, in order to get sales from Instagram. Also, Include profile usernames “@” in your bio because they are clickable.

    Instagram Profile bio

    For Example: In your personal profile you can share your company profiles to let your friends and family where you work.


    Look to Your Competitors

    The next tip that I am going to share with you is looking at your competitors. Your competitors are a great source of inspiration for your Instagram posts.

    If you don’t know who are your competitors then find out brand and companies that are selling or offering the same products or services that you have. These are your top competitors. Track your competitors what they are doing, what kind of posts they share and what else they are doing. Looking at your competitors can help you to make better marketing strategy.

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    Switch to Business Profile

    If you are brand then switch your profile t business account. It is really easy and simple. If you already have an Instagram account just login to your Instagram account.

    Click on the “setting”

    Instagram Convert


    Now click on “Switch to Business Profile”, that’s all you are done. Finally, your profile has been converted to a business profile.


    Benefits of business Account:

    • A business profile allows you to create Instagram ads and advertise on Instagram.
    • Using business profile you can see statistics like engagement, impression, top locations, their gender, age and most active hours through Insights.


    Promote your Instagram Everywhere

    This is also one of a great way to grow faster on Instagram to promote your Instagram posts on other social media platforms and blog posts, forums, and websites. Instagram let you share your posts on other social media platform and also allows you to embed an Instagram post in your blog post or web articles.

    In this method, you will get more followers and more likes and you also get more reach.


    Partner with Influencers

    If you want to get targeted traffic in your niche and the potential customer then Influencer marketing is the best option for you. Instagram Influencer are peoples who are famous on Instagram in any specific niche and these peoples can help you reach potential customers. Because they have already build a large audience in a specific niche.  First, find influencer s that have an audience which is relevant to your services or products then collaborate with them.  Before collaborating with them, first decide how you want to expose your brand (a product review, a giveaway, a special event) and reach potential customers and followers.


    Over to You

    You know what? Your Instagram journey and your marketing journey never over. We have shared top 5 best tips to grow your brand fast on Instagram. Now that is your turn to follow all these steps and include all these steps in your marketing strategies to grow your brand on Instagram. If you have any question let me know in the comment section so I will reply you as fast as I can and also let peoples know What Instagram marketing strategies work best for you and your brand?

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