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    Why Your Business Should Invest Resources and Time on Email Marketing?

    Email marketing has taken the upper hand over traditional marketing. You must be wondering how does it drive better ROI on investment as well as customer engagement metrics over other methods of marketing? Why do you need to invest resources and time in email marketing? To know more keep reading further.


    The Magical Benefits of Email Marketing

    Below are some ways in which your business can benefit mainly from email marketing. Take a look,

    • Reduced Effort and Time- Consider investing some time on the effort and time involved to structure a direct business-business or direct-to-consumer campaign using an effective offline direct marketing communication method;
    • Telesales Campaigns- Here, with constructing a telesales script, you will have to wait till your sales agents dial through the cycled call to all customers present on the target list.
    • Print Postal Mailings- You will have to hire a designer for creating the mail through lengthy revisions. You will also have to allow time to print the mail, edit it if needed and put it in the envelope. Then you will post it and wait till the customer collects it from a mailbox.

    But with email marketing, you can turn the piece of marketing communication in less than 2-3 hours. Through recurring email templates, you need to approve the email copy, and any amends to graphics and use simple database list queries to decide whom it should be sent and click send. This way you can do a week’s task via a single employee and within a few hours.

    • Real-Time Messages- With a telesales campaign or a print mailer as mentioned above you will require choosing specials and long-tail marketing campaigns due to the extended period with campaign development and implementation. As a marketing email gets done within a few hours, you can send day-of messages for reducing stock or promoting a restricted time special as required. You can send customers who arrive on their anniversaries or birthdays unique real-time messages. In email marketing, a brief time will not be your enemy but your friend.
    • Personalize Messages- Radio advertising, TV, print, telesales and print mail campaigns is usually in the format of one-size-fits-all. As a result, you cannot speak to your consumer directly and personally. But with email marketing, you can enjoy many dynamic opportunities. Along with sending a personalized email including the login name or username you can also feed in some customised information like purchase or sales history. The best part is you can even break the list of customers into smaller lists for sending very personalised messages. You cannot enjoy such an intimate and individualised way of speaking to customers with any other marketing avenue and channel.
    • Segment Customer Database and User Information- Through email marketing, you will be capable of segmenting customer database and user information through an email. You can send targeted marketing campaigns which will lead to increased sales conversions.
    • More Frequent Communications- As email can be created and sent quickly compared to other advertising and marketing channels, you will have the liberty of communicating with customers more frequently. Rather than sending customers a catalog or a flyer once a quarter or month, you can send an email more regularly. To know more visit Kick SEO Brisbane.
    • Test Marketing Messages- An effective marketing is one where you can test things. When you use email marketing, you will notice how it becomes extremely easy in seeing what offers, headlines, graphics and also colours your customers and users will respond to. You can send one part of the email to one section of the list and the other part to another section. Then through email marketing’s precise tracking tools, you can check which marketing message is going well for user actions or converting sales.
    • Information Spreading- Pause for a moment and think when did you last see any customer handing over any postal mail? Or someone clipping an advertisement from a magazine and sending the same to a person in need of that service or product? Forwarding an email, however, having a useful or enticing piece of information or offer will take just a couple of seconds, and most users indeed will do it. It indicates that the efforts that you give on your marketing along with having a more extensive reach will also have a networked range amid people who via forwarding the email will serve as an advocate of your brand.
    • Reduce Overhead Costs- The best part about email marketing is that you can do it at a low overhead cost. It means there is no requirement for many designers, employees or marketing analysts. Plus, you will not have to make any investments in advertising rates, phone lines, postal mailing cost, and printing. You will not find any other marketing platform where you can spend less on getting greater ROI than email marketing.
    • Track User Engagement and Sales Better- It is email marketing that can work wonders in helping you in tracking user engagement and sales. Email marketing will offer you different tracking information. The information can be about -Total number of people that opened an email
    1. Total number of people who clicked on the link present in the email
    2. Specific link this is clicked
    3. Total number complains about the email
    4. How many users unsubscribed or marked the email as spam
    5. If the email reached the recipient’s inbox
    • Save the Planet-With people becoming environmentally friendly, today they are making the most of email marketing. By making use of this service, they are trying to save the planet via reducing the cutting of trees used for all forms of print marketing pieces.

    These are some of the measurable perks of choosing email marketing over any other marketing channels. It is a vital constituent of a marketing mix that can augment user engagement and overall sales at a minimal overhead cost and minimal effort and time. Email marketing is highly profitable and is alive despite the remarkable breakthrough of SEO, mobile marketing, and social media.

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