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    Why Every School Should Provide Free Wifi to Students?

    WiFi is one of the biggest resources on Earth right now because it is such a big help to our society. The internet is used throughout most of everyone’s day to find out news, information or just browsing around. In today’s world, most businesses are run by a computer or any technology that involves WiFi. For example, we can take college as a reference, today college students can take online courses instead of the classroom to make it easier in many ways for the student. The reason for this is that so not only students but also the teacher can save time, money, and space in classrooms.

    WiFi is needed in schools because it is by far the biggest help in finding information on just about anything there is. this is a big shortcut for students who don’t want to do research by reading books and magazines. This technology goes from elementary school all the way to college. In elementary school, kids use online educational games for math and reading studies. For middle school, kids use the technology for in school projects or essays or even reading quizzes on books. Then in high school, students must take a computer class that involves WiFi, so yes I would say WiFi is a big part of the school. To add on to that highest schools have surveys and ballots for school council that students can vote for online.

    Lastly, which is college students who rely on Wifi. Everything is pretty much run by the internet such as tests, essays, quizzes, studying, and college emails. There would be no college without the access to the internet. Not only is it great for students but, its a huge help for teachers as well because teachers need the internet to put in grades and absences. Also, they need it to contact other teachers or to email parents or guardians. I must say that I believe that the internet is a big factor in our learning process because I know for a fact that if it wasn’t for WiFi none of us in today’s world would be as smart as we are today. It is such a big help with projects and essays because for projects we need information to apply to the project and a great source on the internet is Google.

    You can ask to google anything and ninety-nine percent of the time it will answer your question. Google can bring up any information about anything and gives you a boost of help. Same with essays, if you need help with a topic google is always there for you to look up other essays and information. Plus, teachers show educational videos in class from Youtube. For example, in all my science classes throughout my high school years, they showed man scientific videos from Youtube that helped us a lot and showed us a visual representation of what they were talking about. Also, in English classes, our teachers would show us movies over a book we would read to get the visualization of what went on such as “Alice in Wonderland.”

    In college, most professors will have students submit assignments online like essays and tests. Students will be assigned essays that have to be turned in at a certain time and take tests on certain days online. All this just saves paper and money for scantrons and other supplies. As you can see Wifi plays a big role in schools and I’m sure it will continue to make bigger impact on students and teachers.

    One last reason its good for school is because students can sign up for scholarships online. It is such easier to fill out applications online than on paper because its a whole process for that. It’s quicker and you can fill out many of them in a given amount of time. Teachers will give you sources to go on and find the best scholarships and you go from there filling it out online. Studies from RouterInstructions have shown that WiFi is a big part of people’s success and it all starts in school because learning about the internet will also help you in the future towards new goals and businesses. There is no school without WiFi.

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