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    What Will the Future of Online Poker Look Like?

    Poker has exploded in the past two decades. The Poker Boom is no new concept to players and fans of the game, and it can be argued and has been argued that the influence of the internet played a part in that boom. As the internet created poker rooms, poker became more accessible, and more and more players emerged, not needing a room full of mates or a mind-reading ability to get started.

    And they were ready to go. Poker players have come in waves to sites like GGPoker to play, but what will these sites look like in the future? The internet is always evolving, the sites are always evolving to keep up and so we’re curious about what changes are yet to come with online poker. We take a look at March Madness Bracket.

    Embracing cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is quickly being embraced around the world. A digital currency that lives and dies on hype is now becoming the norm in countries like China and India, which are, in fact, wiping out their national currency to replace it with a digital equivalent.

    Golden Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

    However, in the Western world, there are few practical applications for cryptocurrency. So far you can buy yourself a Tesla with crypto, NFTs, and you can gamble.

    More and more online gambling casinos are allowing you to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrency – and it is a popular advancement. Cryptocurrency doesn’t need to go through all the red tape that comes with dealing with a bank, therefore rather than waiting 3-5 working days for a transfer to go through, crypto gamblers need only wait less than a day. In this fast-paced world, players are impatient to get their winnings and go.

    An immersive experience

    Some of the less-developed online casinos leave a lot to be desired. They are usually one page full of slots, and maybe some bingo rooms if you’re lucky. Perhaps an FAQ is thrown in.

    Whereas the best online casinos try to make the gambling experience as immersive as possible, there is a range of features already implemented to help that along. You can play with live dealers, to make you feel like you’re playing at the blackjack table and use chatrooms to talk with your fellow players in the poker tables or bingo rooms.

    However, there is talk of making the online casinos more immersive with music. Every great medium has a soundtrack: films, TV shows, video games, and with online gambling being an offshoot of video games, doesn’t it make sense that they should have a soundtrack too.

    If you are confused about the impact of soundtracks, take a look at Spotify and its endless playlists. Odes to Legend of Zelda, Mario, The Last of Us and more, inspire feelings of grief, victory, and more.

    Virtual reality

    Woman playing with virtual reality

    Speaking of an immersive experience, there are talks of incorporating VR into online gambling. VR would allow players to sit in a virtual room across from opponents while they play.

    This is particularly interesting to the game of poker, which requires an element of body language and reading faces that is lacking in online poker rooms. For the first few years of incorporating VR, it’s likely that users will still be represented by avatars, making the reading of facial expressions impossible, but when avatars are mimicking body language at home, it’s possible poker players would be able to read an opponent’s tells.

    This is likely to become common in poker before it is in other forms of video games since the gloves and treadmill aren’t likely to be needed to play, making it the most accessible option at home.

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