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    What is Zalgo Text and How to Use it?

    Texts are going through random transitions and these modifications are making them very popular. Almost every week, we meet with a new style of a text. But some of the text styles are highly appreciated and used over the internet. Mainly Memes are popular to use uniquely styled texts. Some styles make them attractive whereas some make them look ugly, but their theme is planned before using them. Thus some meme creators use weird text styles just to make their meme scary.

    what is zalgo text, What is Zalgo Text and How to Use it?

    Among those weird styles, Zalgo text style is one of them. Zalgo text style is highly appreciated by the ghost meme creator. As per our research, Zalgo text is majorly used in scary tasks. Zalgo text appears very creepy and very scary. Along with this, for some people, it works as an element of attraction. Zalgo text is also known as Glitch Text.

    If you have gone through the above image then probably you know the reason why Zalgo is known as Glitch text. Still, if you are wondering then Let me tell you that, when Zalgo text is generated through the shape and fonts it gives an idea that while generates due to glitch or lag, the text was not properly generated. Apart from Glitch text, Zalgo text has some other names too which we will see in another section of the article.

    Now, let’s have a look over,


    What does Zalgo mean?

    You might have wondered why its name is Zalgo. I hope many of you are aware of it but if you aren’t then, In general, Zalgo is character know for his terror. Some people also call him “He who waits behind the walls”. He is a sign of terror. Along with this, he uses to be very messy.

    what is zalgo text, What is Zalgo Text and How to Use it?

    An animator named as Dave Kelly is the father of Zalgo as he is the one who created him. Zlago is related to Zalgo text because the animator use to write everything in a very scary style and the scary and weird text was further termed as Zalgo text as a tribute to the character.

    How is Zalgo Text/Glitch Text Generated?

    In order to give it creepy look, the generators use a special type of script in which normal characters are mixed with Unicode standard. All those multiple characters are displayed in the space of a single character and due to this Zalgo text appears scary to the viewers and unknown persons.

    what is zalgo text, What is Zalgo Text and How to Use it?

    Talking about the generation of Zalgo text, While mixing the Unicode standards with normal characters, developers use a proper strategy to do so. They basically arrange the Unicode standards above and below the space character and doesn’t allow the Unicode characters to acquire more space then the base characters as a result text appears messy.

    Where can you use Zalgo text?

    As mentioned above, you can use Zalgo text while creating some memes, or you can use this text to share something scary on your Facebook timeline. Along with this, you can even write letters to your friends and siblings.

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