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    What Are The 3D Publishing Model Standards?

    The 3D publishing model is based on the technology that provides a 3D model to clients in a way that permits them to interact and experience a true three-dimensional and four-dimensional model in the case of a collection of data over time. The companies are constantly working on thriving new ways that can strive for the customer and the clients to get an experience of their models in 3D.


    4D Interactive Model

    The 4D Interactive Model is based on 3D publishing standard. They are the highest available quality models, which has the capability of hundreds and thousands of frames. Each frame represents different contents and views; it provides a model creator which is scientific and artistic freedom of publishing process. They are faster and have more features richer than 3D PDFs or model based on the web. It is also known as 4DIM that accommodates the domain of time and large-sized models which are better than any other alternative.4DIM files require installation like any other Geology Software which is license free and can be redistributed freely in public and to the clients. The size of Installer is 60 MB.


    3D Model PDF Files

    The 3D PDF files can get opened on Adobe Reader, the software found on 90 percent of computer worldwide. When file get published in PDF, 3D models can be integrated with reports along with other texts and graphical contents. You can distribute these PDF to customers via email or internet, in general, there is no need to install any other software at the user end terminal. The important aspect of 3D PDFs is that they can get integrated with reports that contain texts and graphical user content and deliver to the clients in a very familiar format. It is also delivered to the public, regulators, etc. On a safe side, a poster image is used as a placeholder for 3D models and the image will get displayed in the cases where incompatible software like the non-Adobe viewer is used, or the browser is used to open the PDF.


    Full Color 3D Printed Model

    The Earth Studio Software has the ability to create a specially formatted file in VRML that allow the creation of 3D in the full-color physical model using the latest 3D printer. The 3D model printing service assists in the modification of the model that ensures the printing action correctly in the first attempt and performs the actual printing. Many changes should be made to make it ready for printing, and the actual cost of 3D printing is about 15$ per cubic inch. The ability of 5 percent customer can create full-color 3D printed models who appreciate that all projects are cost constraint. The possibilities of marketing depend on the ability to create the physical model.

    The ability to hold the 3D printed model in their hands is the opportunity provided by the Program Managers and those with serious interest are only willing to pay the actual costs.

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