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    Utopia P2P Ecosystem Makes You Stay Safe Again

    4 October 2019 is the day of the official release of the Utopia P2P ecosystem presenting a completely new, advanced approach to online communication.

    The infrastructure of the ecosystem includes a variety of tools for fast, safe, and convenient communication, surfing, file exchange, payment processing, and entertainment.

    Utopia’s competitive edge is the combination of decentralized peer-to-peer structure and several layers of the most sophisticated encryption techniques.

    All users’ data is stored on their own servers in storage encrypted by elliptic curve cryptography (Curve 25519.) The additional layer of encryption is provided by 265-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES.)


    Capability profile of Utopia P2P ecosystem

    With uMessenger, you can send encrypted text and voice messages with multimedia files attached, add visual aids (stickers and emoji) and create your own channels (public or private chat rooms) tagging the geolocation with uMaps.

    Thanks to uMail you can conduct business communication completely safely.

    You can host your own resources within the ecosystem thanks to API and Packet Forwarding functional. To browse them, you can use a built-in Idyll browser. For instance, you can create your e-store. The payment handling is possible thanks to uWallet, which allows users to receive and conduct payments, create Crypto Cards and vouchers.

    Utopia introduces its own alternative to the domain name system – uNS. That’s a decentralized impossible-to- seize registry of names.

    If you have no access to Internet, Utopia offers you its MESH capabilities. With it, you can stay in touch with your fellows if there is at least one available node, which a Utopia client is running on the nearest available device with Wi-Fi.

    And if you are tired of the business, Utopia offers you to pay multiplayer Games with your online-mates.

    For those who are used to keep things in order, there are various Managers for files, uNS, etc..


    The benefits of Utopia P2P ecosystem

    • The security and anonymity it provides: Thanks to P2P architecture, advanced encryption, and anonymous registration, you can be sure that you stay entirely secured on the Web.
    • The convenience offers: Such an all-in-one product brings convenience and efficient time management as you don’t have to install and use various tools for communication and payment handling. All the necessary tools are within one dashboard and always are at hand.
    • The availability for everyone: Utopia ecosystem is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux for Free.


    If you value such notions as freedom of speech, the right for privacy and online security, Utopia is your choice!

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    Utopia is indeed the top Privacy respecting network to date.i am using utopia for more than two months and my experience has been very chats , uMails , sending files and mining CRYPTON are some of the features. I recommend everyone to join this top notch creation.