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When it comes to mobile marketing, 2018 comes with the promise of inflection points. This means that there will be moments where digital advertising will change significantly. For example, Firefly Airspace organized by Max Polyakov last year has developed a certain trend indicating that the world of mobile devices is slowly changing.

It’s clear that the next twelve months will be a crucial time for marketing partners, brands, and publishers working to create meaningful customer experience in the mobile market. So, you should expect these factors to play a massive part in the marketing process this year.

The ‘Amazon Effect’ Challenges The Duopoly

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When it comes to advertising and marketing impacts, Amazon is one platform to watch. The company has a programming ad campaign that generates close to one billion a year.

Therefore, if Amazon decides to start an all-out advertising campaign, it stands at a better chance of bringing together an unprecedented chunk of first-party information. Eventually, this creates a whole wallet perspective which even Facebook and Google will find hard to match.

Programmatic Direct Will Increase

Safety concerns are the main reasons driving advertisers from programmatic straightforward to open exchanges. With the increase of programmatic display by 56% by the end of 2017, no brand, publisher or marketer can overlook its impact in 2018. It’s something that will stay for a long time as it carves out a better allocation percentage.

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Omnichannel Will Keep Driving Consumer Narratives

Online sales keep growing by almost 10% annually. So, you should expect the online retail account to increase in total sales by 20% by 2025, 30% by 2030 and around 50% by 2035. However, companies can’t ignore their physical retail experiences. Therefore, whether it’s online browsing, shopping in stores or a combination of the two, the success of brand strategies and marketing in 2018 will increase in customer-preferred channels.

New User Interface Will Put More Pressure On All Mobile Definitions

Guy Using Samsung Smartphone

It’s important to note here that we are all in an “ambient computing environment.” In 2018, we should expect to see a lot of home devices such as Alexa, Echo, HomePod and Google Home. As a mobile phone user, you should also expect other aspects of IoT to improve the various components of mobile communication. Areas like smart luggage boost the manner in which industries can communicate with their shoppers.

Data Partnerships from Single-Vendors Should Intensify The Markets Share Competition

Companies will be more selective in the manner in which they spend on various data partnerships. eMarketer reports that more than 60% of all publishers will only choose to work with a single third-party partner.

This suggests that marketers should strive more in 2018 to prove the uniqueness and difference of their insights solutions, data management, and analytics. Earning a place in the one-partner data ecosystem requires more exchanges and sales. Keep in mind that it takes innovation and renewed concentration to get positive brand results!

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As you can see, there are a lot of mobile trends that we should expect this year. Almost all brands, marketers and publishers are trying to improve their products and level of services, triggering some changes in the sector. All in all, understanding the mobile marketing technology and developing the omnichannel and automation channels will eventually lead to the industry’s growth in 2018.

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