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    Top 5 Online Donation Platforms for 2018

    While being busy in the own schedules and gathering own expenses, some people find out time as well as donate few sums to the needy and the downtrodden ones. Some people are intentioned to provide help that they can but run short of time. For them, there are online donation sites available where they can provide their help, and thus one need not worry about finding some time and setting a long way for providing help to the needy. A few months ago I was looking for the donation platform and find these platform really good.

    In this post, I will be talking about the top 5 best online donation platform.


    1. Donorbox:

    Donorbox is one of the best and easy to use online donation platform. With flexible payment methods as well as customization features, the donor box has been the most appropriate method of online fundraising platform. If you are into some campaigning for the funds, then that can also be marketed with the help of the donor box. On the top of all that, it is a non-profit portal that can keep the donation protected and secured. There are many good features you will get. You can easily embed to your website. Also, you can use widgets to get accept the donation on your website. Some donor may be want to donate monthly you can accept the monthly recurring donation.


    2. Razoo/Might cause:

    Razoo is acquired by Might cause. It is a very popular platform for the raising of the funds. The individuals can use this, teams, as well as organizations. Everyone aspires his or her sums to be raised for the cause. This is a non-profit portal which has its web page designs appropriate to customize the charity. Make the use of the widgets of Might cause with which you can process the donation on your blog or your website. One can set up Might cause for a free as it is a non-profit platform.


    3. PayPal Donations:

    This is a non-profit online platform which accepts the donations for free. The process is also said to have a very low cost. This is a very trusted brand when it comes to the donation transactions. If one has an account than transaction can be done with the help of the credit card. There is a handy donation button which can make it very easy for you to get the amount transported.


    4. Qgiv:

    This is also a versatile platform that can be used to handle the donation. This costs very low for the organizations. This is a user-friendly website that can be of great help for thee donors to manage the transactions with ease. They have various types of plan. You have to select according to your requirements. They have a free plan as well. In a free plan, you can create an unlimited form, event registration. You will get training and free support. You can ask for a demo if you want to try before buying. Also, you can try by selecting their free plan. In the paid pls, you will get the facebook donation option which is really great.


    5. FirstGiving:

    FirstGiving is another great online donation platform. Instead of being a business idea, this is a mere non-profit portal which helps to make the transaction of the large sums. One can also manage the direct transaction of the donation amount. Not only have this but social media, CMS, analytics, emailed tools etc. can be managed by using this platform. If you are an individual fundraiser then you don’t need to pay an annual fee. They have large no of the database, you have to just search the cause and create a page.


    Some things to consider

    Thus, all the above-listed platform were some of the online availability of the charity where people can give their share of contribution for the help of the needy ones. Little amount raised from the people’s side turns out to be a great help for the people who need them. On the top of that these platforms ensure complete use of your sum for the needs of the ones who need them. If you want to help downtrodden and needy ones but at the same time you are falling short of time, then you can make the use of these platforms which are low in cost as well as easy to integrate.

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