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    Top 5 Affordable VPNs Subscriptions for Android Devices

    The traffic we send by phone is also exposed to many threats and therefore it needs protection. For this protection, it becomes important to use VPN. Using VPN is recommended to prevent surveillance through ISP. Protected browsing is also one of the reasons for using a VPN.


    The top five affordable VPNs for Android devices are: 


    The already existing users of nordVPN have given it high ratings which have already made it stand out amongst its competitors. With a ranking of 4.3 on the Google Play Store, it is already a favourite of many VPN users. With only one tap, access to around 5072 servers in 62 nations is possible. There is an ad blocker built in the app which makes browsing more freely and also consumes fewer data. What the users have to do is just that they have to tell that where do they want to connect and then they will be instantly connected. The free seven days trial also makes the app more likeable.



    SurfsharkVPN is also one of the most affordable VPN for android users. Owing to its ultra-high speed, one will not feel any difference in the internet speed. The protection provided to the devices is ‘diamond-strong’. It enables the users to stream or Download Surfshark Android easily. This unrestricted entertainment makes it more likeable amongst the users. It also provides a seven days free trial. All you have to is install the app, create or log in the account and then tap ‘connect’ on the desired location. It is very easy to use and unlimited devices can operate on just one account. It also has longer battery life as compared to other VPNs. No online activity of the user is stored, monitored or tracked. It is advisable to download Surfshark android.



    After a lot of tests, it was decided that ExpressVPN is one of the fastest providers with a speed of 83 Mbps download on 100Mbps connection. But the user can be sure of the fact that he or she will get the fastest speed possible. One of the best features of ExpressVPN is that as soon as the users will open the app, ExpressVPN itself will recommend the servers based on where they will get the best connection. With just one click, users can get connected to the fastest servers all over the world along with the saving the favorite servers.



    One of the biggest advantages of cyberghost is its availability at low cost. Though it has an average download speed its features like easy to use, marking some servers as favorable, recommendations based upon the current location make it likable among the users. That is why the users have given it a ranking of 4.3 on Google Play Store which is one of the highest ranking among other VPNs. In terms of price or cots, NordVPN serves as a major competitor. If the users are not worried much about the slower speeds as compared to the ExpressVPN or NordVPN then CyberGhost is worth a try.


    Private internet access

    While testing on a personal computer, one of the fastest speed was witnessed. That is why private internet access is known for its high speed. It also has a rating of 4.0 on the Google play store, thus proving its likability. It is liked by the users because of its easy connections, automatic recommendations for the servers, ad blocking, etc. Personal internet access has approximately 3000 servers. This means that the users will always be able to find one which is not facing huge traffic.

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