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    11 Awesome Tips on Keeping Your Phone Charged the Whole Day 

    Yes! You read it right. Get acquainted with these awesome tips to keep your phone charged. Gone are the days when the cell phones would last for 1 week with just a single charging. The black and white Nokia phones enabled simple functions like calling and receiving. But nowadays, the smartphone is stuffed with functions like gaming, chatting, clicking, posting, liking, commenting! We bring to you some useful tips that will help you increase your battery life, by making simple changes to your Android phone.

    Useful Tips to Sustain to Enhance your Battery’s Lifespan  

    Your Smartphones require staying active throughout the day to entertain you during a boring lecture or avoid an awkward situation. Keep your phone charged up with some of the below tips that you need to keep in mind. The possibility of finding a charge plug can be reduced with the following must follow tips.

    1. Power off

    When you don’t need the phone(which is indeed impossible!) switch off the phone. The best way to retain battery is to switch off the mobile when not required. While sleeping or traveling, give your mobile a good sleep so that you have sufficient charge when needed.

    2. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should always be in the OFF mode. These inbuilt apps are power consuming monsters that need to be disabled immediately after use.

    3. Turn off Vibrations and Ringtones

    Make sure your settings for vibrations and keystones are switched off. Normally, when we are in office or college the phone is normally in vibration mode. For the continuous hours, the battery is sucked up by these default apps. Also, make sure the volume of your ringtone is such that it is audible to you rather than to a larger circumference.

    4. Turn off Flash while Clicking Photographs

    The flash in your camera is responsible for draining your battery. Yes! This might be known to some, but the flash in our phone is very powerful and absorb your battery during multiple selfies or shots. Don’t forget to turn off the flash mode after clicking selfies during a late night party!

    5. Turn the Brightness to Auto

    You have been charging your phone since morning, but your battery shows charging till 60%! Did you turn your phone’s brightness to ‘Auto’ mode? Have a habit of keeping the display brightness to Auto. With the auto mode, the phone increases or decreases the brightness according to its utility.

    6. Tune to Phone Calls Only

    If you have your battery about to reach the red mark, prefer not using the internet or messing with your phone. You have a long way to go and need your battery to last for some urgent phone calls. Keep patience till you reach home and torture your Android phone browsing, chatting, gaming, watching videos or posting!

    7. Turn your Phone to Airplane Mode

    Your phone will constantly search for signals in remote places, resulting in the battery draining drastically. You have two options, turn off your cell phone or switch to airplane mode. Save battery by switching to Airplane mode while on a flight or a dead zone.

    8. Turn your Phone away from Heat

    Every smartphone has an optimum temperature range, thus make sure you don’t leave your phone in a place facing direct sunlight. If the temperature exceeds the threshold limit of the cell phone, your battery may blast! Keep your phones away from direct sunlight!

    9. Turn the Screen Timeout to 15 Seconds  

    More the duration of screen timeout, less the percentage of battery left! Keep the screen timeout to the least screen timeout available in your Android phone. The unnecessary screen timeout may decrease the overall active life of your cell phone.

    10. Keep your Apps Updated

    Update all your apps to the latest versions. The newly developed apps have features that include battery saving options. As soon as when you come under a Wi-Fi zone, start updating your apps, this also decreases virus attacking your phone. Stay updated to extend your battery’s lifespan!

    11. Plug in your Phone Before it turns Red

    Your smartphone should not be kept for charged when it completely gets switched off, this may increase the chances of your battery being damaged. Also, the phone doesn’t need to get charged till 100%. The user needs to plug in when the charge reaches the deadline of 20%. Although, there are some smartphones that automatically stops getting charged, but this can be dangerous for your Lithium-ion batteries.

    Quick tips to Enhance Android’s Life Expectancy!

    Your Android battery is prone to battery drain due to the power of hungry apps like tv Player apk and iMovie app which reduce your battery in few time.That inherit in your smartphone. These simple tips will help the user to sustain their Android for a longer time. Forward these tips to your peers and relatives so that battery draining is no more a woe. Employ these tips to your daily life for a better battery longevity.

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    Sejal Parmar loves to explore the newly released Apps & Games. She blogs at Rule.FM and writes about latest Android Apps & Games.

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