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    Selling on Amazon vs eBay: The Better Choice

    With so many sellers joining e-commerce websites, it has become difficult for others to choose. Around 100,000 sellers join Amazon monthly from the United States, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, while eBay has a total of 25 million sellers. Your business’s success on either of the platform depends on what strategies you apply to become visible in the search.

    The only way to understand which eCommerce platform is the better choice is by differentiating between them. We will look at four variables that will help us in coming to a conclusion:


    1. Sellers

    Like we mentioned earlier, more than 100,000 sellers join Amazon every month, which means if you are a small business, becoming visible on the search list is going to be a difficult task. Also, on Amazon, you can’t offer a shop like an experience to the customers, which is possible on eBay. However, Amazon offers tools and programs like Amazon Seller Tools, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, Amazon A+ Content, and Brand Pages that make it easier to promote your brand.

    The eCommerce platform wants to ensure that only professional sellers use the website to sell their products and not scam companies that want to make some quick bucks. This only concludes that Amazon is a better place for brands that want to make it big, while eBay is the right choice for brands selling heirlooms and rare items.


    2. Customers

    Amazon has a total of 300 million users. 30 million of them use the mobile app. You will notice that Amazon buyers are more price loyal, which means that before making the final decision they will check the product’s price of Amazon. More than 44 percent of households in the United States have Amazon Prime subscription, which brings in a lot of revenue. Further, it also has Amazon MWS Developer that helps out seller with data integration.

    However, eBay only has 167 million customers, which is the half of what Amazon has. Customers on eBay are more interested in the quality and price isn’t a concern for them. Brand name doesn’t matter much as it is the customer service quality that makes the difference.

    3. Products

    Amazon is not well categorized and has only 38 categories, whereas eBay has around 20,000 product categories, which helps the buyer find exactly what they are looking for. People go to Amazon to purchase electronics, mobile phones and accessories, kitchen and home decor, shoes, jewelry, and clothes, and sports and outdoor stuff. On eBay, three categories that see the most sales include electronics, fashion, and collectibles. eBay has simple requirements when it comes to helping your product stand out, whereas Amazon has the last say over where the products are placed. To ensure that you are a part of every valid search made on Amazon, you should hire an Amazon MWS API developer India, who knows everything about the eCommerce platform.

    4. Countries

    Amazon has 11 markets in over 180 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe. 33 percent of Amazon’s sales happen out of North America. When it comes to global friendliness, eBay takes over Amazon easily. It has 25 dedicated international websites and will soon be launching more. Both eCommerce platforms are currently extending their reach to more countries, so it is a work in progress.

    In conclusion, we vote Amazon to a better marketplace for companies that offer innovative products. It has supporting tools like custom Amazon Seller Tools that can help with your online shop’s performance, which isn’t a luxury that eBay offers.

    If you want to have a customized Amazon seller tool for your online shop on Amazon, contact us today. Kanhasoft offers a range of web design and development services at competitive prices and ensures that all your needs are met.

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