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    Internet Abuse at the Workplace and its Consequences

    Corporate internet accounts are fast running servers that every employee enjoys. Imagine your internet never runs slow and you can load any page within a matter of seconds. Our home connections or even the 3G on your phone doesn’t run as fast. However, a corporate account is solely for the workings of the company and shouldn’t be exploited for personal usage. Employees involved with misusing the firm’s internet should be sternly dealt with. Here’s how employees tend to misuse the firm’s internet:


    1. Visiting Social Media Sites

    Research has shown that the internet at the work place is used unnecessarily for browsing different social media sites. Employees don’t realize the amount of time they end up spending on these sites. Social media sites regularly visited including, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.



    2. Browsing the Internet

    Sometimes employees tend to use the office internet for personal work as well. This requires visiting different sites through the office server. Some married employees have been found using the office servers for browsing condos and vacation destinations.


    3. Playing Online Games

    When you have unlimited internet with optimum speed, wouldn’t you want to spend some quality time gaming online? This is exactly what happens in work places as employees spend hours and hours forming groups and playing games among each other online.


    4. Downloading Movies and other Media

    A fast internet is perfect for downloading complete movies in HD print from the internet at your work place. It will probably take 10 times lesser time and speed as compared to when you try downloading a movie at home. Although the employee will not spend too much conscious time downloading the movie, there are still many risks associated with it. For example, downloading heavy files will hinder speed and there is also a chance of viruses entering the company’s servers.


    5. Chat Rooms

    Online chat rooms don’t require you to openly expose your identity, which makes it all the more fun to have open conversations online with complete strangers without any strings attached. However, once you get hooked, it’s very hard to control the time spent in these online chat rooms.

    Internet Abuse at Work




    While these are some of the avenues where employees tend to misuse the organization’s internet, they don’t realize the consequences associated with exploiting the privilege. Here are some of the consequences associated with misusing the internet at the work place.


    1. Reduced Performance Levels

    When employees are preoccupied with using the internet for their own benefits, they tend to have lower performance levels especially where office work is involved. They tend to waste time on the internet hence unable to adequately complete their office tasks and reach company goals. Performance levels also get tampered with when employees are not getting enough internet speed for completing office tasks.


    2. Reduced Overall Profits

    When the employees have reduced performances they are unable to reach company goals which means that the company is not performing at its optimum. This therefore leads to reduced profits and the company may start falling behind. Another reason can be associated to inadequate work cohesion. This happens when a couple of employees are not performing to their potential and the others are lacking behind because of them. It is important to understand that a work place is like a line of production. One system depends on the other and if there is a glitch in any part then it will lead to the whole system falling apart.


    3. Tampering with Working Environment

    When the internet privileges are abused, it leads to the whole working environment getting disturbed. As mentioned before the company is unable to perform at its optimum level because of a couple of bad eggs in the basket. When you tamper with the overall working environment you are allowing other entities to take advantage of you and distort your company’s standing in the industry.



    One of the ways that employees can control company property from getting abused is through monitoring applications. These smart softwares are not only able to keep track of everything that happens in the company, especially where gadgets are involved, but also helps put restrictions and blocks on things that will hinder the company’s performance overall. Different companies these days use monitoring applications which then help them achieve goals and regulate performances.


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