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    How Modern Technologies Change The Way People Think

    Description: According to the latest detailed reports from neuroscientists, modern technology is a complex process that can change the human brain in many ways.


    H1: Human brain develops in unison with modern technology

    We are living in the era of modern technology where all people used to have a lot of gadgets. Nowadays, relatives don’t go to visit each other every weekend even if they live in the same town but chat online on Skype. We are living in a world of modern devices that have changed and simplified our life a lot. People can heal various diseases that were impossible to cure in the past. The Internet gives us unlimited opportunities from having fun with different music and movies to good common app essays to create a work online.

    This is a great era of progress, and we have got many inventions thanks to technology. Needless to say, it is a huge benefit, but of course, there are some dangers in this progress as well.


    H2: How does our brain change with new technology?

    According to the latest research of neuroscientists, a human brain can change and develop constantly. Of course, we are talking about the microcellular level that can change with an environmental impact. In fact, it’s a unique transformation that helps the human race to get adapted to the new environment, to the new technology, to the new gadgets and inventions. Our brain has been developed for many ages and decades, and it continues to change constantly because the environment is improving and changing every minute. This process is unstoppable, and we only can imagine changes over the next 100 or even 200 years! This works like a circle: our brain can adapt to the newest environment and then people create something new, and the process repeats over and over.

    There are a lot of things that appeared in last 10 – 20 years such as wireless networks, multichannel television, robots that help people, etc. We can write a long list with thousands of points. We learn new things every day: the brain adapts to Bluetooth technologies, we surf the Internet, talk to other people online, use modern technologies in different spheres of our life. But apart from such things, we have to get ready for other inventions like prescribed drugs in medicine (for example, Prozac). These inventions are created to cure people while many illegal drugs including heroin and cannabis bring a lot of harm to the human nation.

    Both medical drugs and various modern gadgets make a colossal impact on the brain, changing its biochemistry and inner structure. Needless to say, it affects people personal qualities, characteristics, and behavior in general. Our era defines our identity, altering people life.


    H2: Interesting experiments to research our brain

    Many years ago, people had a quite different environment, and their brains were not adapted to our era. If to imagine that someone could travel in the future and appear here, they won’t be able to live and adapt here. But it’s not a problem for modern people – just look at how fast our children learn to use smartphones or play games on the computer! And for people from past, it would be a very difficult task because their brains won’t be adapted to this.

    Modern scientists make various research to define if the brain of an adult person can be modified with outer impact. For example, volunteers at a high school in Harvard made an experiment: they were divided into three different commands, with no previous practice on playing piano, according to the main rule of the experiment. People of the first command stayed in a room with a piano, and all participants had a practice for five days. People of the second command were placed in the same room for the same term but without any practice. And, participants of the third command stayed in the same conditions. They didn’t have any practice but they had to imagine constantly they’re playing piano every day.

    Of course, the brain activity of the second group didn’t change. But other results were interesting: when scientists looked at the results of the 3rd group, they have noticed changes in their brains in zones responsible for fingers movement. So, it means that our imagination has a direct connection to our brain.


    H2: What’s the negative side of brain changing?

    Scientists have proved for many times that the human brain has great opportunities and possibilities to develop and change. You just saw it in our example with a piano. But it is not difficult to imagine what can happen with the brain of a child that used to play violent games on the computer. Some children get offended with their parents because adult people forbid or limit their time for such games. But some parents don’t care, and later they wonder why their children changed so much, became aggressive and violent. This is all because of the impact of games and Internet, so needless to say, parents should control their children. Of course, nowadays, it’s only their responsibility, but maybe in the future, it will change also and people will be able to control and avoid the negative impact of the technology. It’s not only about games, it’s also related to such things like drugs, violence, terrorism and many other problems we have in our modern world.


    As you can see, modern technology is a powerful force that changes human brains. But people must learn how to control if it will be a positive or negative change. There always will be both bad and good sides of any changes in this world because it’s impossible to go through any kind of development without negative effects, but we have to learn how to minimize them. Our world develops very fast, and our brain adapts to the new changes every day. People are processing huge amounts of information that makes an impact on us. We are responsible for developing our world, and we should rule the technology instead of letting the technology to rule our brains.

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