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    How to Find Your IP and Network Hardware Addresses

    In the present advanced world, the internet becomes the most important thing for all the people to know things around the world. However, the internet is accessed in the wireless way through the router in the home network. So, if you are having the network connection in your home or office by the router, you may want to increase the security to it. When you want to make the secured environment for your network, you just need to customize the settings. To change the settings of the private wireless or wired network, you need to know its IP address of the router initially. In this article, you will see how to access the router hardware’s IP address in the most effective manner.

    When you have the private or the public network with the servers or the workstations, it may be assigned with the static and dynamic IP addresses. However, the private or public network can definitely use the router for giving the network. Of course, you may assign the addresses to the static when it is the public network and can give the dynamic IP address for the DHCP. In some cases, you may want to find all the IP addresses of the networked devices in the particular network. If you want to find the IP address of the hardware in the network you just need to follow the below mentioned technique.


    Connect to the Router to Know IP addresses

    If you are having the internet access of your router, you can connect your computer device to the router. It can help you to retrieve the IP addresses of all the networked devices in the easiest manner. When you do so, you can get the access to know the following information.


    • Static and dynamic IP address of the client
    • Host name
    • IP address
    • MAC address

    All of these things can be gained through your router that is connected in the network. However, it can only be done when you are having the web access to the router.


    Get the IP Address by Pinging the Computer

    There is an alternative way available for getting the information about the IP addresses of the hardware in the network. For this purpose, you have to try pinging your network from the computer connected to the network. When you ping your computer, it can show the arp table.

    You have to open the Run dialogue box on your computer by clicking Run option from the Start menu. In the Run box, you have to type “cmd” and enter.

    After that, you have to type “IPConfig” on the screen to find your network address. Here, your operating system can process your request and give the IP address by performing the logical AND operation on your IP address and the subnet mask.

    In this manner, you can use this ping method for finding the IP address of the devices that are connected in your network in the most effective manner.


    Give the Command to Know the IP Address

    If both above mentioned ways are not useful to find the IP address, you can try this following method. As the way, you have to use the “netstat –r” command for finding the IP address of all the network routes like However, this command may not be used when the printer in your network is having the problems in communication with the other networked device.

    By following these kinds of the methods, you can able to find the IP address of your network hardware devices in the most effective manner. If you want to get more details, you can search over the internet.

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