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    Dedicated, Semi-Dedicated & Free Proxy Terminology Explained

    Proxy servers perform a number of functions. Some of the common functions that are performed by Dedicated proxy is given as below. The functions will make it easy for you to understand dedicated as well as the semi-dedicated proxy.


    The interface in between the public and home network

    A public website is accessible by using the dedicated proxy. Universities use this system. It is easy to access university network as well as download e-Media, you can also view it at home or at any other place by using a proxy server. Additional protection is provided to you with the help of this proxy in order to remain safe from unwanted access to the network.


    Controlling the bandwidth of the network

    It is easy to control the traffic on the network by using a proxy. With the help of using resources, one can allocate user or user groups. Hence one is able to monitor the availability of server by using control tasks.


    Network attacks Protection

    A proxy server is in between the users and data server. So, such a solution for protecting the servers is in use by such websites who deal with sensitive data of customers like online stores.


    Network logging

    Network activity logging is used commonly by the proxy servers. It is easy to identify the harmful access in a quick way.


    Content blockage

    It is easy to block the internet in public networks by using an upstream proxy server. Parents can prevent children from opening such websites that contain racist or pornographic materials at home network while surfing. In most of the repressive countries, proxy servers are used for censoring the population on the internet. Proxy filter functions include removing interference of advertising while you are surfing.


    Semi-Dedicated & Dedicated proxy

    A huge difference is there in dedicated proxies and in semi-dedicated proxies. Well, the working mechanism of both the proxies is same. A dedicated proxy is such which remained unshared as well as dedicated to the buyer of the proxy.


    Dedicated proxy

    The main goal of the dedicated proxy is not only to connect two communication partners, there is the direct effect of the proxy on the communication form. The server can filter, cache or manipulate those data packets that it gets.  In such way, the requested files are available in short span of time for the user on the internet. In order to transmit data, one can apply and read dedicated proxy on certain protocols like FTP or HTTP.


    Which Kind of Proxy to Purchase?

    When the comparison is held in between the semi-dedicated proxy and dedicated proxy, one has to consider few elements before making any final purchase. The main element is the budget of the person. Therefore, one has to pay a huge price for dedicated proxy in order to enjoy an unshared server. In terms of semi-dedicated proxy, the server is divided among 3 users. The overall cost of the server will be divided among the 3 users. The shared server will lead to division in the speed and bandwidth of the server. So, in this matter, the main purpose of the proxy is to fulfill the needs of business in order to make a dedicated proxy to work better.


    Dedicated proxy vs. Free proxy

    In both kinds of proxies, there is nothing to compare. A free proxy refers to such server that a group of people is sharing. Well, such proxies are not free in real. The vendors who use free proxies use advertisements for earning money. You can become a subject of marketing campaigns by using these free proxies. Therefore, keep this thing in mind and do not waste your time in using the free proxies.

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