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    Cyber Security Experts From Countries With Highest Internet Connection Speed In The World

    Did you ever google which countries provide highest internet speed to their netizens?

    I think not all of us have interest in knowing this information, but it is something important to know just in case if you want to travel or migrate to a country and the internet situation is horrible there.

    The Internet is available in every country in the world but surprisingly some countries providing fast Internet experiences like the Norwegian island pairing of the archipelago and January Mayen, let’s say, has a median association speed of 36.5Mb/s – the very best of all. But! It solely has one unique IP address, So the results somewhat skewed. The lofty positions of the residence (3rd) and Antarctica (27th) are thanks to the low range of readings.

    Akamai’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) official rankings solely take into consideration countries or regions with a single information science count of a minimum of 25,000 which provides Republic of Korea truth top spot, followed by fire, Hong Kong, Sweden, Holland, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Republic of Latvia and Suomi complete the top ten rankings.

    The 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

    • Ireland
    • South Korea
    • Sweden
    • Japan
    • Finland
    • Netherlands
    • Latvia
    • Switzerland
    • Norway
    • Hong Kong

    The UK is twenty-third in the ranking, the United States of America twentieth, Australia fiftieth and China 111th. The planet average is 5 Mbps, consistent with the report. The bulk of the worst acting countries are in Africa, the South Pacific, the center East and South America.

    Top Cybersecurity Experts You Need to Follow

    Many (website) readers thought that why I wrote this heading in this internet based article, well, I found the correlation that some of the top cybersecurity experts are from countries where there is fastest internet speed. But are there any good reasons for this?

    With Great Internet Speed, Comes Great Restrictions Too!

    It is observed that many countries with the fastest internet speed also practice restricting laws like North Korea and Hong Kong.

    Faster speeds = Fluid Accessibility to content online = Total Freedom.

    But this freedom comes with a cost and many stakes are involved, so unnecessary online restrictions give birth to online security experts and enthusiasts who stem out of oppression to defend netizens’ rights.

    Here are some of the top cybersecurity experts in the world from the countries with the fastest internet connection speed. Moreover, all these experts recommend a high-speed VPN connection to ensure online security and peace of mind that nobody’s watching or tracing your digital footprints.

    1- Hugh Callaghan ( head of EY’s advanced security center in Dublin, Ireland expressed concern for SMEs who may not have updated their software as routinely as larger organizations.)

    2- YONG-CHOOL HA (Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Social Science.)

    3-Mihoko Matsubara (Chief Secretary for Cyber Policy, Japan)

    4- Jesper Kråkhede (Sweden: Jesper Kråkhede)

    5-Mikko Hyppönen ( Mikko Hyppönen is Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. He has worked at F-Secure in Finland since 1991.)


    What do you think? Is this correlation a coincidence? Share your thoughts with me.

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