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    7 Countries With The Fastest Internet Plans In The World

    The Internet has become an incredibly important part of our lives and plays a significant role in a number of activities that we partake in. With the ease at which one can perform a variety of different tasks, having a good Internet connection has become somewhat of a necessity. If you want to make the best use of your day and operate most efficiently, having a good Internet connection can make this process a lot easier. With new ISPs popping up all over the world as well as new lines that are being laid out, having a fast Internet connection has become a lot easier.

    One of the most significant factors that impact the speed of the Internet connection is the location at which one is trying to use the Internet from. Different countries tend to have different connectivity systems, thereby causing variations in the kind of Internet speed that they experience. Two people living in different parts of the same country can experience variations when it comes to the latency and ping that they encounter. The kind of plans that one is using can also make a difference when it comes to the broadband speed that one experiences.

    A few months ago, a British Data Analysis Firm known as Cable decided to conduct a study to figure out the speeds that are experienced throughout the world. The research was undertaken in collaboration with a number of well-known organizations and institutes such as the New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research, and Princeton University’s PlanetLab, among others. Based on the research, the countries with the highest Internet speeds are as follows:

    1. Singapore

    If you want to experience some of the fastest Internet speeds in the entire world, Singapore is the place to go to. This small nation is incredibly technologically advanced when it comes to their Internet connections, and the lines that they have in place are highly efficient, making the ping incredibly fast and uninterrupted.

    2. Sweden

    Sweden is known for being a country with one of the highest rates of productivity, and one of the reasons for that is because of the incredibly high Internet speeds that are prevalent here. Sweden has a wide range of Internet providers, each offering great plans that are in keeping with the high-speed thresholds.

    3. Denmark

    Denmark ranks third on the list of highest broadband speeds test in the world, which comes as no surprise considering that its neighbours stand higher than it on this list. Denmark is considered to be among the most productive countries in the entire world and is known for having an incredibly active eSports scene. This is also what has resulted in the country producing a high number of professional gamers who depend on high Internet speeds with a good ping to be able to perform well.

    4. Switzerland

    With the attention to detail that Switzerland is known for, it is no surprise that the Internet and broadband technology in this country would also be incredibly well developed. Switzerland citizens are also known for having the second highest rate of productivity, and there is no doubt that fast Internet speeds have helped them achieve this.

    5. Iceland

    With Iceland coming in fifth on the list of countries with the best broadband, there is no doubt that Scandinavian countries are where one needs to go when it comes to the good Internet. While Iceland’s economy is not dependent on Internet technology, it is still something that has seen a substantial amount of development over the past few years.

    6. The United States

    The United States stands as a country that has incredibly high Internet speeds, which however vary depending on the region that you are in. The east coast is known for having much better broadband as compared to the west. This is a common phenomenon that takes place when one country covers such a vast amount of land.

    7. Australia

    While the Australian lifestyle is more tuned to outdoor living, there is no doubt that the Internet is something that has had an incredible amount of development. The excellent and uninterrupted  NBN plans make the Internet here incredibly fast, especially after a number of fibre optic lines were laid down across the country.

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