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    6 Benefits of Having Virtual Phone Number for Work from Home Employees

    Work-from-home might sound wage to some initially. But the reality is that it is the future. This strategy is equally beneficial for an employer and an employ. While an employer can save a lot of money on operational and infrastructure cost, an employee can witness a remarkable surge in its productivity. However, to make it happen, first, you need a professional phone number for business use and team management.

    Remote employment or work-from-home has gained much of name and fame during the past decade. The trend is growing by leap and bounds in businesses of all the sizes. Whether you are an enterprise or a budding business, remote employment is one such tool that allows you to expand your business with the help of an online number only.

    By implementing remote employment strategy, businesses can reduce operational costs by an impressive extent. An eminent Stanford University’s economist revealed in his study that businesses usually spend $ 2,000 per year to provide basic infrastructural amenities.  If you are an enterprise then imagine how much you would be spending. However, allowing your employees to work-from-home will only charge you $ 6 for a US number.

    So, are you ready to work-from-home or allow your employees to do the same?

    Then read why you need to have a virtual business phone number to ensure the continuous workflow, time-bound service deliverance and at par productivity of the employees when they are out of your sight.

    1. Maintain Your Professional Persona

    Working from home doesn’t mean that compromise on professionalism. You need to maintain the professional standard even if you are working from home. Even if you are a start-up, you should radiate-out professionalism from every dimension. While maintaining professionalism at office-premises is easy, the leisure of remote employment might hinder it a little bit.

    Calling your clients from a personal number is one the most potent thing that can damage your professional image.  However, you can keep your professional image intact by taking an office phone number from CallHippo. Here, you can get an 1800 or 1300 toll-free number at an affordable price. All these numbers come with advanced features like on-hold music, automatic answer, customized greeting and so on.

    All these features will hardly let the customer notice that you are working from your home.  They will only think that the agent with whom they are taking is sitting in an office and taking care of their concerns with full diligence.

    1. Never Miss a Call

    Though working from home is a true bliss both for employer and employee, there are a disadvantage of doing so. One of the biggest advantages is any unpredictable unavailability for work. When you work from home, you are surrounded by some domestic situations as well.

    Few interruptions you will get at work from home like a delivery boy. Your neighbor has come to say hi to you. Your regular maintenance guy has come up without any prior information. All these situations can occur at any time when you are at home. Even if you are working from home, that doesn’t imply that you can miss any call.

    You can totally avoid all these situations with the help of a phone. You can transfer your missed calls into voicemail and help you to reply them back.

    1. Out of Sight Doesn’t Mean Out of Mind

    With more than 3.7 million employees working from home, the online phone system is the only way to make them the part of the organization regardless of their absence on the office.

    The VoIP service allows a user to do call conference and meeting with other team members as well.  Teamwork is still possible

    1. Off-Hours Availability

    When you are working from home; you can’t ensure your availability during off hours. However, with virtual phone service, you can set your working hours in your system and transfer the calls to other agents.

    1. Assured Quality

    There is one another loophole in the remote employment and it is the quality of the service. Not all the phone service provider will have the same connectivity at every location. So, your calls may be broken or disturbed sometime. As VoIP would be using your Wi-Fi connection in most of the cases, its clarity would be better. Most of the VoIP providers like KrispCall & CallHippo offer HD voice quality in their business phone number. Thus, quality is always assured.

    1. Build an Office without Any Office Instrument

    No one wants to turn their home into an office. As setting up virtual phone systems is easy and doesn’t demand any heavy-duty instrument installation, the decorum of your home will be maintained. To start working from home with a virtual phone number, you need only a data-driven device and an internet connection.

    Work-from-home is not just a fad.  It is a real thing that has a bright future. So, start implementing it in your organization and ensure work continuity, quality-service and improved productivity using an online phone number.


    Working from home strategy save lots of money, and also reduce infrastructure cost. However, making work from home strategy effective; you need first to follow proper guidelines and steps. Once you have proper tools and plan; you can efficiently manage your entire task within a given time without compromising the quality. You need to evaluate the strategy and

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