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    5 Things You Need for a Successful Instagram Campaign

    Social media is everywhere, it has become part of our everyday lives, both for leisure and for work. In fact, many companies have, for some time now, utilized social media to improve their marketing and advertisement efforts. Some have even built their whole professional lives around social media – Instagram is a prime example. Being an Instagram model, influencer or personality is a business of its own. For these reasons and many others, running a successful Instagram campaign can do you a world of good.


    Understand your audience

    The most important thing you can do is to figure out completely who your audience is. If you skip this step, you will waste your time and your resources on just running in circles.

    So, first, figure out what you as a company (or Instagram personality) represent. Then, see what kind of people would be interesting in what you have to offer. How old are they? Educational background, their interests in music and entertainment. What kind of products would they use? Gender is also important. In general, you need to do your demographics homework.

    To figure this out, either use analytics software or communicate with them. Set up polls and questioners, or just start up a conversation in the comments section.


    Set measurable goals

    You need to be smart when setting goals you want to focus on. Think long and hard about what you want to achieve, and then try to make it measurable and clear. When you set up proper goals, you will have a clear finish line, a point you will move towards. Furthermore, it will focus you, making you keep your eyes on the prize. Setting clear and measurable goals will also help you to notice any red flags.

    To do this, you should use analytics and tracking software. Focus on things like likes, posts, shares, views… Meeting, for example, a specific follower goal is an excellent choice.


    Utilize advertisements properly

    Decide whether you want to use video or photo ads. Then, figure out who your target audience is. Quite often Instagram campaign just go with the shotgun method of placing ads with neither rhyme nor reason. While an actual guide on using ads is outside the scope of this article, now that you need to concentrate no on just creating the ads, but when to post them, and who you are targeting. If needed, hire a professional Instagram marketing agency to help you out, or get a specialized employee.


    Mix up your content

    successful instagram campaign, 5 Things You Need for a Successful Instagram Campaign

    Having varied content will always do you a world of good. By doing this, you will be able to get new followers, while at the same time keeping your regular base. It essentially refreshes your online presence, and keep your followers on their toes.

    Now, of course, always focus on quality, not on variety for the sake of variety. With that out of the way, there are a couple of things you can do. For example, you can mix up the actual content – more photos, less video, more stories… But, you can also change what you focus on. If you run a photography page focusing on people, maybe switch to animals, or cities, or something abstract… If you’re a company trying to push a product forward, maybe a couple of stories and video relating to not the product itself, but the field of expertise you are in may attract more people. For example, if you run a company selling espresso makers, posting some guides and videos on how to make the perfect espresso can be useful.


    Partner-up with an influencer

    Influencers are influential figures that have their own base. They are usually experts in one field or another or are simply entertainers with a lot of followers. Partnering up with one can prove beneficial. You can hire them, or just get them some goodies. Perhaps the exposure will be enough. Just remember to contact influencers whose base would actually be interested in what you have to offer.



    And there you have it folks, a couple of tips on running a successful Instagram campaign. If you want to achieve your goals, you first need to set them, to make them measurable and clear. Then, you should utilize your advertisements properly, as well as understand your audience. Mix up your content from time to time, and partnering up with an influencer can really do wonders for your marketing efforts.

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