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    5 Things To Do If Your IP Address Is Blacklisted

    In the technological world, there has been a boom in email marketing for the industries to share information regarding products and services with customers. Still, they have to be very cautious of spams, and to stay safe you can refer ( It is highly prominent for a known industry to be away from blacklisting their IP address as it may affect their company’s position and name in the market.

    Now, what exactly is blacklisting of IP addresses? What happens in it?

    Let’s look into the para below.

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    What Is Blacklisting Of IP Addresses?

    An address is blacklisted when there is any instigation of sending spam. Blacklisting usually occurs when you share your IP address with an individual, and it is ignored by a web hosting company due to a reason. If you try to send mail via that IP address, the letter you sent is not delivered. It can also be blacklisted if your PC is infected. The most common way to get onto a blacklist is by having uncleaned lists, regularly getting spam complaints, and by discarding unsubscribers.

    There are two main types of IP address blacklisting:-

    1. IP based:-IP address referred only as IP, which stands for internet protocol, which is a set of characters that refers to a particular system connected to the network for communication.

    2. Domain-based:-domain is much larger than the IP address. It is an address that consists of various systems working under the same domain.

    An IP address is a house address while the domain is the street address.

    Suddenly your mails stop delivering to the address you want to. What can be the reason behind it? Is it blacklisted? If yes, then how are we going to check it out?

    How To Check Whether Your IP Address Is Blacklisted Or Not:-

    You need first to check on which blacklist you are on there are various tools available like MXTOOLBOX, WHATISMYIPADDRESS, WHAT IS MY IP. Many more wherein you have to enter your IP address or domain name, and within a single click, your IP address will be checked against over 100 DN based black laces, which are commonly known as real-time blacklist DNSBL or RBL. They will inform you on which blacklist your IP address is in. 

    There are various blocklists, but the most important thing to notice is which site has blacklisted your IP address because all of them are not equal. 

    Some listings, for example, from Spamhaus, are considered to be a severe issue by almost every email provider. It is one of the well-known non- profit organizations which keeps a track on email spammers and restricts the IP address of the person or organization if it is found to do any suspicious activity.

    If you find yourself in the blacklisting series, you will probably receive a rigorous call from your ESP, expecting you to take action and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

    Now, after you’ve checked your IP address, you must be wondering once it is blacklisted what you can do now to delist it because that is the main thing. So here’s a step by step process to get your IP address on track as it was before.

    How To Delist It:-

    Without proper protection, networks often yield thousands of spam emails, which leads to blacklisting their address. While using blacklisting tools, it’ll not only show you which ISP has blacklisted you, but also it’ll guide you throughout to delist it and bring your email marketing on track.

    As soon as you get to know that your IP address has been blacklisted, abruptly stop sending emails via that IP address and try to figure out the reason and the way to get it delisted. 

    Using available blacklisting tools, check which particular protocol has blacklisted your IP address or Domain name.

    • Open the link and type your domain name or IP address in the box provided. 
    • With a single click, you’ll get the series of protocols that have blacklisted your IP address.
    • To know more about the blacklisting, go to details.
    • A pop-up box will appear with a set of instructions.
    • Scroll down and go to the box naming reason
    • Copy the URL
    • As you’ll open the above URL, you’ll get a list of reasons among which one would have been the reason to blacklist your IP address.
    • To delist it, some tools only ask for IP addresses while some others ask for more information, including IP address, organization name, email id, etc.
    • Fill the particulars and the reason to delist your address. 
    • Later you’ll be notified within a day or two if the organization thinks that your request is valid.

    There has been an increase in the blacklisting of IP addresses from a decade because of suspicious and malicious activities. No doubt, blacklisting profoundly affects the organization or a company as all its mailing process will be stopped. So it is recommended to use tools to secure your IP address from being blacklisted. In today’s era, where everything works over the internet, you need to keep in mind specific rules and regulations that have to be followed to be on track. If violated, it’ll severely affect you and your company’s new reputation in the market.

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