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    5 Digital Marketing Trends to Prepare For in 2018

    As 2018 is approaching, we should take a step back and quickly overview last year’s Marketing Trends. 2017 was productive for all online marketers who were able to get out of their comfort zones, and actively learn about the upcoming trends present on the market since 2016.

    You need to plan your marketing strategy in advance in order to get the best results in 2018. So let’s see: what was significantly important in 2017? I would say Content Marketing, Big Data, Marketing Automation, as well as Search Engine Optimization was some crucial trends last year.

    Adjusting to the market, learning the new trends, and paying attention to your competitors will make this year your best. The most successful online marketers stay informed and active all year long and thus create strong advertising campaigns which serve their best future interest.

    Here is a list of the 5 essential marketing tools and trends you need to stay focused on during 2018.


    #1. Video and Interactive Content

    A few years from now, you would not be reading this article, but watching a video on it instead. This is how much live streaming and video trending will come into play in the near future. As online marketers, it is our job to adjust to the new brands. People look for the exquisite in everything nowadays – so dare to be bold this upcoming marketing season.

    Customers remember your content easier if it is visually attractive. If they truly enjoy what they watch, they will also promote it by sharing it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or MySpace. This will bring you more followers, and thus more popularity. Keep in mind how important live video streaming is this year! In order to improve the quality of your videos, make sure you use intense colors and fonts and choose your logo smartly.

    Besides videos, there are other important interactive contents you can use, such as infographics, podcasts, webinars, and calculators. A great example is BuzzFeed, a popular website who’s actively promoting its content using live streaming. The reason why this marketing strategy is so effective is that it does not require many resources and money to implement it. You should also think about starting to use live streaming if you haven’t done that yet!


    #2. The Importance of Mobile Phones and Other Smart Devices over Laptops

    While 2017 put on emphasis on laptops and computers, this upcoming year we are concentrating mostly on mobile devices. Think about it – we are pulling out our phones as soon as we are searching for a quick product to buy or a fast product to order. This is what makes online marketers so interested in the micro-moment tool available today. Micro-moments are extremely valuable whenever customers feel the need to ask questions online.

    For example, if I am interested in buying a new car, I will probably search for it on my phone as soon as I get this idea. Micro-moments build the connecting bridge between me as a customer and the website that’s providing the answer – and this usually leads to long-lasting relationships between customers and the sites who reveal the needed information.

    Since 2018 is going to be so mobile devices predominant, make sure you research your micro-moments thoroughly!


    #3. Customer-Personalized Content

    Using consumer-centric content is a very smart online move. This combo of promoting your website while fulfilling every client’s needs will bring you lots of advantages. Let’s take a look at the definition of ‘personalized’ given by Mark Barton, who is a content marketer at Essayontime.

    “Let us think of a new customer browsing through your website. Since he is new, his experience should be different than a traditional customer. For the new client, some already-made offers and basic interactive content might go well. For the usual visitors though, you would need personalized offers on their recent searches. They have preferences and different interests on multiple products. Since they are old clients, you are supposed to already know what they like. This will increase their confidence in your website, and make them want to come back soon.”

    Remember – customers want personal interaction. They want to feel important, they want you to stay interested in them. So do it!


    #4. Native Advertising

    Many of you are familiar with native advertising as the type of advertising matching the form and function of the online platform upon it is used. But there is more to that. Native advertising is not only practical, but it is also the newest digital marketing implement. Its primary function is to get your customers through appealing advertising. Lately, people have been avoiding straightforward ads such as ‘Try our new product,’ or ‘Click to begin trial for this new [….].’ This brand new form of advertising leaves boring ads behind.

    Native advertising is professional. Its target is to convince clients to buy a certain product through the subtle forms of promotion. This is legal – because what you do is simply inform the audience – and smart at the same time. If you recall newspaper advertorials, then you might have a good idea of why native advertising is so efficient. This strategy is essentially an advertorial for the digital era.


    #5. High-Quality Content and Investing in Developers

    You can’t be successful without being proficient. A poorly written article can easily get you in trouble of not finding new customers or even losing old ones. The best way to approach this matter is finding a skillful content writer to do the job for you! We are all busy planning and making up strategies for the upcoming year, so why not use all the resources we have available?

    The target is to find a good writer that will get your old customers back and bring new ones in. Therefore, their writing style has to be captivating and interactive to attract the new ones, but also creative and original to make the old ones come back. Their main quality has to be the ability to create special connections with their audience. Casualty and open-mindedness help a lot!

    Even if it sounds like a costly expense in the short-term, the long-term benefits will overweight the short financial disadvantages. This will leave you with more time to plan accordingly and focus on innovative game plans.




    Being successful means experimenting new tools and creating new trends! There are so many opportunities for us marketers to explore, that I wish there was enough time for all of them. Even if there are moments when we would rather stick to what we know, we should get out of our comfort zones and test greater strategies – and eventually see if they fit us or not.

    The online marketing field has been expanding quickly, and that is the reason why we need to stay prepared and dynamic in our work. This is how we become the best in our field. With our competitors behind us, there is nothing to worry about! So stay focus, and stay connected!

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