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    Top 4 Things to Know About WHOIS Domain Database

    The Internet has not always existed as we know it today. In 1982, the Internet Engineering Task Force created 80 protocol that became ARPANET—the early version of the Internet. In an effort to establish responsibility for the information published on this platform, the WHOIS database was created. This is a database contains information about a domain, including the person who published it, their telephone number, name, and addressed. This information can be recorded through a WHOIS database download. Here’s what you need to know about it.


    1. It contains your personal information

    Many websites offer a privacy option when you sign up for a domain. Purchase it. Even though it may be in next or cost, failure to buy this Domain privacy will result in web development agencies reaching out and contacting you multiple times per day for weeks on end. Paying $10 dollars to have your phone number shielded is worth it.


    2. It opens you up to potential identity theft

    Your telephone number, name, and address are all identity thieves need to begin warming their way into your life and posing as you at a number of different places. This information to me uses to look up more details about you. While the inconvenience the constant phone calls is one thing, identity theft is something else entirely. If you purchase a domain, take efforts to ensure that your identity is protected and that all of your accounts are shored up against thieves.


    3. There are websites that list new domain registrations

    Maybe you were reading all of this information but you think it doesn’t apply to you. After all, if your website is small, what interest another person have in finding out who you are? The truth is, anyone can become a target. Many online scammers target people at random, and they use the domain registration list to do it. These lists browse the WHOIS database and compile all the information found there. Scammers will perform a WHOIS database download and pick targets at random. These scams are numbers games—the more people targeted, the more likely the scam will succeed.


    4. Purchasing WHOIS Privacy

    If you do not purchase domain privacy at the same time you buy the domain, then the search engines will compile your information. Even though you can purchase this protection after you have bought your domain, it doesn’t provide the same level of security because much of your information has already been found and recorded.


    If you intend to start a website or purchase the domain, take steps to protect yourself. In the modern age, privacy is a luxury and a commodity. Using whatever protection services you can find to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands is an important step in digital security. After all, the last thing you want is to design and build your website, only for someone to use your information to gain access and use that site for their own means.

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