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    4 Powerful Email Strategies to Use with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Long gone are the days when marketing was a static playing field. Stepping back two decades ago, mass internet marketing was a relatively new concept and implementing it was only possible via a computer desktop. Robust technological revolution has made multiple touch points available and today, someone can receive a promotional email on his laptop and make the purchase via an iPad. What has made mass marketing even more effective is the readily available and highly scalable marketing software. Speaking of marketing software, what comes to the mind of most people is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.

    Salesforce has made marketing easier and more flexible. For a dynamic business world that is constantly shifting goal posts, nothing more could be better. Among the multiple digital marketing strategies that Salesforce has streamlined is email marketing. With Salesforce marketing cloud, you can take your email marketing to a completely new level. The experience becomes even better if you know a few hacks. For those who have already integrated this amazing software in their businesses, the following email marketing tips will come handy.


    Optimize for Mobile

    Unless you are ready for the stiff penalties associated with non-compliance to mobile optimization, every brand should embrace email for mobile. You need to offer a great mobile experience to all your leads, right from the first email. The recent release of Salesforce Android App clearly shows how serious they are about mobile integration. You need not be left out of that equation.


    Prioritize Email Customization

    Most people misuse the email automation features that Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides. While sending automated generic emails takes less time, losing your client base is imminent. Email subscribers appreciate more personalized messages. It is therefore important that you take advantage of Salesforce DX to add customized product recommendations to your messages depending on your target audience. Doing so has the potential of increasing sales conversions by up to 25% and click-through rates by 35%.


    Automate Post-Purchase Emails

    Most people simply focus on getting subscribers and getting first sales. What happens thereafter is left to the target audience. Such people overlook the essence of re-engagement campaigns. For an effective campaign, it is important that you take advantage of the automation features to run your post-purchase messages. Doing so should also help you track the points at which customers come back to make re-purchases. Schedule weekly, monthly and even 90-day post purchase messages and analyze the results.


    Focus on Strong Acquisition Strategy

    This should have come top on the list. It is always important to prioritize audience growth even as you work hard to contain the existing subscribers. Salesforce makes it easy to track how and where customers are engaging with your brand. Such information ought to be used in enhancing customer experience and driving interactive engagements.

    Salesforce marketing cloud is ideally revolutionizing the marketing arena. For businesses hinged on email marketing, it presents an even better opportunity for enhancing growth and driving impressive results.



    Author Bio

    Lucy Jones is a digital marketing consultant based in California. She does consultations with various firms including You can connect with her on Twitter or feel free to email her in case of any inquiries.

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