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    3 Hard Drives That Pair Perfectly With Any NAS

    Before I get down to tell you some of the best hard drives that you can pair with any NAS, you must know what a NAS is?


    NAS Defined

    NAS stands for network attached storage; it’s a dedicated storage system that allows multiple users and multiple devices from clients that can retrieve data. Users can access this shared storage using Ethernet. Each NAS on LAN has a unique IP address that determines its identity.

    Now getting back to our topic of discussion; although any external hard drive can be connected to a network attached storage, it will have only one user and cannot be shared over multiple users. If this is done, it will hamper the very intention of a NAS. Therefore for your NAS, you need specially designed hard drives that can be paired easily with any NAS and can work on a shared medium.


    Best hard drives that pair perfectly with NAS

    1. Seagate IronWolf: The Seagate Ironwolf is a highly dedicated series designed for NAS systems only.  Technology AgileArray is used in this drive to enhance its performance and its reliability.  These hard drives can be set up to support eight bays at a time and provide three years warranty. Although on a costlier side, the devices unmatched performance and speed and its support is the critical feature. The Seagate Ironwolf is available in multiple sizes starting from 1 TB up to 10 TB.  With these drives, storage won’t be any problem even on a NAS.
    2. Western Digital Red: A powerful brand with relativity and customer satisfaction the WD Red is exclusively designed to meet the needs and expectations of an external hard drive for NAS system. Top quality, reliable, secure and fast are the qualities that you can trust with this hard drive. The compatibility of these hard drives with a NAS system is enhanced with its very own NAsware 3.0 that not only improves its performance but when aligned in a RAID format it gives to blazing speed experience.
    3. HGST NAS Deskstar: Another kid on the block that can work correctly with any NAS system is the HGST. Although it’s a child company of WD yet, it has its market and enjoys credibility. The best part of these hard drives is that they are vibration protected and provide a million hours of mean time before failure. But the one feature that makes it different from the above two is its speed. And the only thing that may cause you bit trouble with having this is its noise. But if you need speed with exceptional performance, then HGST is your choice.


    Looking for the best NAS hard drive read more on this website or you can choose anyone from the above, and all the three will never disappoint you. Indeed, these NAS hard drives are a bit on the costlier side, yet what do you expect from a hard drive that has to handle multiple users and their requirements at the same time. You can buy them online to get the best deals at the best prices.  

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