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    What is FRP Lock and How to Unlock SIM Network

    FRP is another security feature that works on all above android 5.0 versions devices. This is an awesome feature that prevents thief and an unknown person from stealing your private mobile data, FRP feature works when you lose your device or someone snatch your device and sold out in the market. Before people can easily access devices just by hard reset or unlock pattern lock, but things have changed, you can’t access device even home screen until you enter previously synced Gmail account. For accessing any android devices you will need to enter Google account, that is impossible for someone finds out Gmail account as well, but what would happen when device owner forget his or her Google account and mistakenly hard reset their own devices, so they will face FRP lock.

    Many people used 2nd hand smartphone, and they surely faced FRP lock problem. IWhen you will buy a used smartphone, so surely there will be a Gmail account of the device owner.  After that, once you hard reset your device to remove data or for removing virus etc. you will surely get FRP lock, and you won’t be able to access until you Bypass Google FRP Lock.

    But you don’t need to be worried, you can easily bypass Google account and bypass FRP lock from Techeligible, just select your device brand and android version, and then follow rest steps carefully to bypass it.


    How to Unlock SIM Network:

    These days too many big Android devices are getting country lock, because when you buy latest android devices such as Galaxy S9+, S8, or other devices are having country lock, and when you move out to another country, you just can’t use your SIM card because of SIM network Lock, so in this you need to unlock the SIM network (URL). helps people to unlock SIM network in free of cost.

    One is the best and free method to unlock SIM network is to get help from Z3X Samsung Tool Pro. This tool will help to Unlock SIM Network. But you will have to Root your device. You can get several methods to root device on youtube; once you root your device successfully, after that, you can easily unlock sim network with the help of Z3X Samsung Tool Pro. You need to Download Z3X Samsung Tool Pro with loader.

    Note: Techeligible has three versions of Z3X Samsung Tool Pro. You can easily download any one of them. But I would recommend you to download Z3X V29.5 with loader, because this is the latest software that is now available in free of cost, in this tool you will have lots of Latest Samsung Galaxy Devices, just install and open this tool, after that find your device model and then unlock sim network in single click.

    After that put your device in Download Mode, now install Samsung USB Driver in your computer as well and then connect the device to the computer. If you want a more descriptive way to unlock sim network, so you can try from

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