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    How to Automatically Unlock Your Computer with your Smartphone

    Hello friends welcome to Broodle and today we are going to discuss ‘How to unlock the PC from Mobile phone’, so, let me introduce the topic as you might have secured your PC with the passwords on it and want that no one can access your PC but if anyone see your password while you are typing then they can enter the password and access your PC, or you have to change the password of your PC time to time, so it becomes really miscellaneous task to do as it will become confusing what you entered.

    So let us make your system more secure and easy to unlock. As there may be the data that you don’t want to show anyone or personal files so as anyone knows the password or see the password while you are typing he/she can access your files, so you can use this method stated below and make your device safer and no one can access your PC now, without your mobile phone.

    Now you can unlock pc with Mobile phone just you have to tab on the unlock PC without entering the password every time just click on unlock and PC will open automatically just follow the steps that will be stated below.


    • Just tab and unlock your pc i.e. you can use your mobile as the key to open the PC.
    • No need to enter the passwords every time.
    • You can use a single tab to open any number of the computer by the same phone.
    • No need of connecting your phone to the PC.
    • The signals are sent via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the PC.
    • Just tab on unlocking your PC and the PC unlocks.

    How to unlock your PC with mobile

    Follow the below steps to use the app smoothly without any issues just follow our step by step.

    1. Open the browser on the PC download Rohos software for your PC.
    2. Now, Open the desired site and download the app.
    3. Search for the same app on your android device on play store i.e. search for the Rohos on Google play store.
    4. Install the app on your Android device too.
    5. Now open the app on the PC and click on the ‘Setup authentication key’.
    6. Now open the control panel on your PC and allow the app to access your phone.
    7. The network should be same for the smartphone and the PC so that the signal passed by the phone must be cached by PC, without any difficulty.
    8. Now as gone to the setup authentication key, enter your windows password as you enter the correct password a QR code will be generated on the PC.
    9. Now, Open the Rohos app on the Smartphone and scan the QR code generated on the PC.
    10. As the code is accessed by the Smartphone your device is set up as the one tab electronic key, you can now unlock your PC in just one go.
    11. So, just tab on the Unlock Pc as the PC has been added to your smartphone and you can unlock your device easily.



    This app is a very good app and make your files and passwords more secure and don’t allow anyone to access your files without your permission. So, wrapping up here that was all about this if you have any query or questions please comment and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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