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    Tips on How to Write the Best Essay Introduction

    How to write an introduction for an essay? Every time you start writing your essay, this question will definitely strike your mind. Whether you are a professional essay writer, a freshman or an ordinary person, you may not be able to write an essay if you do not know how to engage the reader through an impressive and informative introduction. It will take you enough time to study the details of an issue, come up with a good topic, collect data and get the essay written. However, if the introduction and the conclusion are not up to the mark, your chances of achieving success will be significantly low.

    When it comes to writing an essay introduction, you should bear in mind the following things from


    1. Understand your audience

    You can check the previously written essay introduction examples to have an idea of how those writers and students have chosen their target audience. It is essential to be clear about who you are going to engage in your essay. In simple words, we can say that you should know everything about your target audience so that they can be convinced by a number of essential elements in the introduction. You can draw their attention toward a particular issue, point and let them know the significance of your essay.


    1. Focus on the quality

    The quality is what will determine your fate as a student. It is essential to write the introduction flawlessly and mention all the important things in a couple of lines. How to start an essay introduction? You should begin by talking about the background of the issue or some definitions of important terms. Please bear in mind that these things should be précised and concise and there is no need to share a lot of details since it will compromise on quality to an extent.


    1. Write a clear thesis statement

    What is your thesis statement? What issue do you want to highlight in the essay? How to write a good introduction paragraph? It is essential to get the answers to these questions before you get started with writing the essay. The thesis statement is the main topic of the essay or its theme which will have to be argued about in the body section. It is written in the last line of the introduction, and cannot be a question. Make sure the thesis statement is clear to the reader, is understandable and to the point. There is no need to write multiple things or to focus on different aspects of the same essay. It would be great if you write the thesis statement in a way that impresses the reader in no time and urges them to read the entire essay.


    1. Make your point of view clear

    Whether you write a compare and contrast essay introduction or another type of essay, it is your responsibility to make things clear to the reader. There is no need to describe a lot of details in the same essay. Instead, focus on one thing, support the thesis statement or the main issue with sufficient examples and sources, and try to make your point clear before the audience. Confusingly written essays do not impress the audience and end up getting rejected no matter how much time you had invested in writing them. In order to avoid any issue in this regard, you should not write the introduction that distracts the attention of your readers or the teacher from the main topic. In the future, it will help you to write entrance examination essays.


    1. Combine all main elements or aspects in this paragraph

    The introduction can be regarded as the short summary of your essay where you have to combine all the main elements and aspects. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to share as many details in this section as possible while keeping the word count to a minimum and mentioning the thesis statement in the last sentence of the introduction. If you miss any of the essential elements in the introduction part, then you should write it in the conclusion section but do not forget it.



    There are different ways to write an introduction for the essay; some students describe the whole story in a line or two, while the others use different themes in this part. Whatsoever your strategy is, you should always speak the truth, share the entire story in a couple of lines, and be ready to support the thesis statements with enough examples that are to be written in the body.

    It’s absolutely correct that the introduction acts as the backbone of the essay and it is where the hook of the story begins. If the quality of this part is not up to the mark, the chance is that you will fail in the class or may not be able to keep the attention of your readers intact.

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