Hong Kong is a great example of how industry intersects with the know-how to create success. As one of the most successful markets in the world, the province has been the financial backbone of much of the Asia market and for many years. However, this thriving economy has inadvertently made millionaires out of the average resident, and while it is great, it has also affected other areas as well, namely commercial real estate.

The rents are stereotypically high just like in many major business centres, but professionals and your average start-ups are not being shut out of premium office space. That’s right, your struggling start-up can find itself working right next to businesses commanding a greater presence in the CBD. While it might seem impossible to find this type of office space, coworking has levelled the playing field, making it possible for businesses of all budgets to work anywhere in the city. When seeking a coworking space for hire – Servcorp Hong Kong, an example of one premium service provider in the city, that will place your business on Finance Street or the more established Hong Kong Club, which are both very exclusive addresses.

Keep reading to learn how to maximise premium locations around Hong Kong to achieve success.

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Shop Around

 Coworking spaces dot the landscape. As stated previously, the CBD including Finance Street and Kowloon are home to some of the most popular coworking spaces. Go further into Causeway Bay, and you can see how this area is comprised of a variety of coworking spaces, all offering businesses an array of amenities.

The point is to take inventory of your venture to determine its needs, and then find the coworking space that works for your business. By shopping around, you are more than likely to find a perfect match for your business. Plus, searching for space encompasses more than looking for a workspace, as each space has the potential to help businesses build relationships.

Focus On The Essentials

 When looking at the space’s amenities, consider your business’s needs. Ultimately, you want to be able to take advantage of all of the tools in the space, including its perks, so looking for a space that can provide you with these advantages is a priority. For example, if you are trying to leverage the business community, consider a coworking space that offers its residents business matching over ping pong tables. While ping pong can relieve the stress of long hours, business matching can provide you with the connections to build your business.

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Making Friends And Build Relationships

 Take the opportunity to make friends in space. A long-standing tradition in this neck of the woods is to make friends before building relationships, and the coworking space pretty much sets the stage for establishing these relationships. Take the opportunity to forgo the dedicated desk which places you, in some cases, some distance from the centre of activity, and moves into the hot desk workstations, which will give you the chance to get to know your neighbours.

Maximise Space

Finally, use the space to its fullest. Most coworking spaces provide professionals with workspace and space to collaborate, in addition to the designated break spaces. Use the space to its fullest, building teams and holding brainstorm sessions with the members with whom you have forged a relationship. The coworking space is one of the most fluid, offering businesses and professionals the most flexible way to work, so take advantage of it.

Successfully Establishing Your Business

Establishing yourself in a community as large as Hong Kong’s takes hard work, but it also takes making the types of connections that will build relationships. In Hong Kong, the coworking space can be a platform for accomplishing all of the tasks associated with creating these opportunities. The keys to successfully navigating the Hong Kong business landscape can be accomplished through a multi-pronged approach in any one of the province’s coworking spaces.

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