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    How to Turn Your Phone into a Spy Camera

    If your home needs security but you are on a budget or don’t have space for a large security camera set up, you need this trick for your home. In these modern times, you do not have to rely on bulky showy cameras to guard your home. All you need is that old phone you are not using now, we all know in these days of iPhone upgrades we all have at least one old phone laying in a drawer never to be used again. All you will need is an old iPhone or Android device. If your old phone does not work anymore, don’t fear for just a small investment you can get mini spy cameras for your home.



    If your old phones do not work anymore don’t click away just yet. There are many ways you can still use them to disguise a camera in your home. Mini spy cameras are an excellent way to hide a camera in your home so no criminals will be able to notice and disable it. With your old phone, you can buy a cube wall charger that is actually a hidden camera. You can use it to charge your phone while at home and when you’re away you can set it up with your old phone to watch your home and keep your belongings safe.


    Android Phone Spy Camera

    If your old phone is an Android device there are tons of apps you can find on the play store. Downloading the app is the easy part. There are many free apps available if you do not mind sitting through some ads, of course, if you are willing to spend a few bucks you can remove the ads or buy a paid application.

    These apps offer a variety of features such as night vision, motion detection and adjustable resolution. You can browse these apps and see which works best for your needs. Once you have found an application that works for you, you can move on to setting up your camera and viewing your footage.


    iPhone Spy Camera

    iPhones have a variety of apps as well. There are a few more paid options for iPhone users with free versions being slightly less powerful apps. These apps can give you push notifications when detecting movement and with a few in-app purchases you can upgrade video quality and some include night vision and video zoom. Apps like Baby Monitor 3G can even let you talk through your mac device for just a few dollars.

    If you want an app that charges monthly subscriptions, although they seem affordable at first, we recommend looking into the alternative options above to save money on real security technology.


    Connecting Your Spy Camera to the PC

    While you can do almost everything you need on your phones apps, connecting to a PC or Mac can let you control features of your security camera easier and view the feed more efficiently. You can also use your computer to remotely view your feed and detect motion or sound.

    For iPhone users who have a Mac as well many apps will run on both devices very easily. Some paid apps can work with your iPhone to turn your Mac into a monitoring station. If you don’t own a Mac but are using an iPhone app consider downloading applications like AtHome Camera or Presence which has a browser version you can register to use.

    For Android users, Alfred is an excellent program that has its own browser version that supports both Google Chrome and Firefox so you can log in with the same info as the app. If you want to use a different app you can try any video player with streaming compatibility but you may suffer from video quality. There are some paid applications you can download and use to transform your Android device into a real security camera.

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