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    How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Account on Android and iOS?

    Facebook’s recent ownership of WhatsApp depicts a global appetite for texting. According to Pew Research Center, around 78percent of the smartphone owners have installed this app in their phones to make free calls and texts. It is very pertinent to ask why the app is worth all the hype.

    Since its inception in 2009, new technology has been piped into this messaging app every day. Though other apps like Kik, Viber, Line, etc. have launched over time and WhatsApp lags behind in features with its competitors, yet it is the most popular app today. A report by Business Insider states that WhatsApp has over half a billion worldwide users, making it’s the most popular chatting app in the world.

    The app was initially used for texting only, but later, new features were introduced which lured a number of potential users. It’s end-to-end encryption in communication is a specific technique for user privacy and security. The content is jumbled so heavily that is cannot be deciphered by anyone, except for the sender and recipient of the message. For added protection, the entire message correspondence is locked and cannot be read by the third-party. Thus WhatsApp messages are hard to track down which is often a major concern for even the intelligence agencies.

    Since WhatsApp developers do not provide a backdoor to allow access to user communications, monitoring software is used to spy on WhatsApp messages. A powerful spy app can ensure real-time monitoring of WhatsApp messages. Among a plethora of spy apps, Xnspy dominates spy WhatsApp messages spectrum since it is specifically designed for less savvy people.

    Let’s see how to spy WhatsApp messages with Xnspy.

    When getting started with a spy app, you need to check its compatibility with the target phone. Xnspy works best with all the iOS (jailbreak and no-jailbreak) and Android (rooted and non-rooted) phones. Here are some steps that will help you walk through the monitoring process.


    1. Install the WhatsApp spy on target phone

    Xnspy is a cinch to install in a smartphone. It takes about 3-5minutes for installation. All the android phones require physical installation while in iPhones, physical access to the target phone is mandatory in jailbreak devices only. Non-Jailbreak iPhones require iCloud login credentials of the target to begin spying.


    2. Make use of Online Dashboard

    Once the WhatsApp spy app is launched in the target phone, all the data from the target phone is transferred to the user device through the online console which can be accessed by the user at any place and time. It is a web-based control panel that allows the user to intuitively access the information, both remotely and discreetly. All the chats will be uploaded on the dashboard on daily basis.

    WhatsApp Text Messages Spy


    3. Navigate WhatsApp features

    The online console has a number of features but you have to select WhatsApp to monitor the target activities taking place on IM. Xnspy provides a drop-down menu for the users so that they can easily begin spying.

    When determining how to spy WhatsApp encrypted chats, Xnspy offers a Live Demo so that you can conveniently carry out your monitoring plan. It has a friendly user-interface to provide strict surveillance. You can even toggle the settings to customize monitoring.

    If you’re wondering what can you monitor on WhatsApp, read further! Xnspy allows you to;

    • Monitor call logs in the WhatsApp. It includes all the incoming/outgoing and missed calls along with the call details
    • Read chat threads as well as separate WhatsApp messages. The entire record of message correspondence is available in chronological order
    • View the exchange of multimedia files between the target and its contacts. These include photos, videos, audio files, documents, etc.
    • Get the call and message details to avail information about the target. You can find out the name of the message sender/receiver, their contact number, and date and time stamps. In call logs, you can also depict the call duration of the target
    • View the deleted or older WhatsApp conversations. These are all uploaded on the control panel and so are easy to retrieve if deleted from the target phone
    • Watch-list alerts- If you want to determine the specific topic of target conversation, you can add some keywords into the control panel. Whenever those words are used in the message correspondence, you will receive instant alerts on your phone


    With the mass proliferation of smartphones and increase in the number of cyber crimes, the need for WhatsApp surveillance has risen. All the features discussed above are available in almost all spy apps, making them the best tool for concerned parents, protective spouses, or zealous bosses. Today, WhatsApp spying is also being used to hunt down those involved in terrorist activities.

    Thus, a trade-off between usability and security is unlikely to offer systematic surveillance so the only viable option is spyware technology. Tech experts say that WhatsApp is scrambling up to remove the loopholes within its operating system so that it does not remain vulnerable. But spying apps have emerged as powerful software that allows you to track down the target activities. aims to monitor and report all these activitiesundetectabley. The interesting fact about this WhatsApp spy app is that it quietly runs in the background of the target phone without causing any interference, ensuring covert monitoring.

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    John carry

    Spying is a must-have thing during pre-war status in the world, I think that we will face a big war in the next 30 years for sure.
    But methods are changing – now people can spy on your smartphone without your knowledge, so people are launching a spy without knowing from a victim, this is a digital information war already.