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    How to Select the Best Projector

    Do you want to buy a projector for your home and need a guide on how to select the perfect one? In this guide, I will explain all the technical aspect of a projector and also tell you what you should check. Because if you are a not a tech enthusiast then it might hard to understand all the features of a projector.

    A projector can be required for conferences, business meetings or making your evening better with your family. You can watch movies at your home without going to the theatre.

    There are a few types of projectors available in the market. But, In this guide, I will be talking about Home theatre projectors and business projectors. Choosing the best one according to your needs and budget is very tough without knowing much about it. In order to get the best projector for yourself, you need to know the difference between home theatre projectors and business projector. You can enjoy a good time with your family when you have a quality projector at your home. Portraying Playing Games, movies and business projects are amongst few tasks that an ideal projector does. You can also read this ultimate projector buying guide.


    Common Types Of Projector:

    1) Home theatre projectors 

    Home theatre projectors are particularly meant for creating a cinematic atmosphere. You can install the home projector in your home for watching cinema all movie of your choice in a special room. The high image quality of home theatre projector can make you enjoy movies on an exceptionally large screen. They come up with an internal cooling system that makes their workability almost noiseless. The bulky size is the only drawback you would get to face with them.


    2) Business projectors 

    Another category of the projector includes a business projector that is meant for holding up meetings and large presentations. Business projectors are somewhat brighter when you compare them with normal home theatre projectors. They are perfect for displaying static images and graphics. Also, they come up with a zoom feature so that you can focus on a particular diagram or graph. The perfect throw ratios of these projectors help them to get conveniently explain things to the public. Besides, they can be connected with laptop and Blu-ray player for making things more manageable. You can always use these projectors for your commercial requirements. Always make sure that the projector has all common features. You can check this guide to choosing the best projectors for your business. Always check the display technology. A business projector should have a big screen, colour accuracy should be great. Now let me talk about the main technical aspects.


    Brightness and Contrast

    Another important factor while choosing a high impact projector is the picture contrast it has. The difference between the light and the dark image is the key issue when you choose the higher contrast ratio. The contrast ratio projector is particularly the best for home theatre projectors that portray images in the dark room. You would notice more contrast in a dark room than in a normal conference room. Projectors come up with HDR capability. They decode the HDR videos and portray the best picture contrast.


    Projector Display Technology


    Digital light processing is another technology that provides smooth motion for videos. You get to enjoy high Colour contrast and smooth motions for all the videos you watch in it. DLP technology produces the images using a chip which is made of a spinning colour wheel and tiny microscopic mirrors. The best part is the DLP projector don’t need filters.



    The liquid crystal Technology has far and wide captivated the digital market. People feel quite impressed with the colour brightness and sharp images of LCD screens. Therefore, the maximum of the business projectors is embedded with LCD screens which are more energy efficient and free from any kind of unwanted noise.



    Liquid crystal on silicon is yet another technology that comes with a combination of dlp and LCD. In other words, you get to enjoy the smooth immersive videos having bright colours through reflective Technology.



    The total number of pixels accounts to the resolution of the projector. The more the pixel of the projected image, the higher is the resolution of the image. The BluRay players are known to throw around 1080 pixel resolution. on the other hand, when you go for a white screen projector, you get to enjoy the 1280 X 800 WXGA.



    So, keep these points in mind before buying a projector. Always compare the features before selecting. If you don’t need additional feature then you should not spend money on it.

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