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    How to Remove Object From Photo Without Photoshop in Android and iOS

    For editing pictures on a level basis you need mastery in Photoshop and it is not necessary that everyone is fluent with the concepts of Photoshop. So, to deal with some simple editing stuff like removing any unwanted object or some text, people don’t want to rely on Photoshop. The users want some simple methods to edit their pictures without any fuss. So here are some methods and apps through which users can accomplish the simple task of removing any person, object, sticker, or text from a photo.

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    Best Apps for iOS and Android

    It’s very difficult to select the best free editor for your Phone since you’ll find hundreds of different filters or photo apps with bags or lags. Having reviewed almost all apps for editing and object removal on Google Play and App store, I’ve picked some apps for editing and useful picture editors for amateur photo retouchers who want to edit images on their phones -:

    Remove Unwanted Object

    Using this application you can delete unwanted photo object, person, object, sticker or text on your picture. All is Safe!

    This is one of the best android app for removing inappropriate material from your images using only your fingertips. It will help you save time with simple image processing, cheap, efficient and easy to use, to retouch your image.

    Remove Unwanted Object
    Remove Unwanted Object
    Developer: BG.Studio
    Price: Free
    • Remove Unwanted Object Screenshot
    • Remove Unwanted Object Screenshot
    • Remove Unwanted Object Screenshot
    • Remove Unwanted Object Screenshot

    How can one use it?

    1. Choose a camera or gallery photo
    2. Choose objects to remove which are highlighted in red
    3. Click the button Process and see the magic on your picture
    4. Save the picture or share it with your friends

    Main features of application: 

    — Removing telephone cables and posts, power lines
    — Remove cracked surface and scratches
    — Delete an undesirable person
    — Remove clogs and skin blemishes
    — Eliminate human-made items, such as stoplights, road signs, trash cans
    — Remove unwanted text or stickers, erase the caption
    — Remove photo stamp, erase logo from a photo
    — Eliminate something you thought is spoiling the photo

    Photo Retouch- Blemish Remover

    If you are an iOS user and having trouble finding an app that can delete anything from a photo/video? You may now. Photo Retouch can make objects disappear like never before.
    Really user friendly. Just paint the things you want to erase and delete with the brush.

    Make fun photos/videos, remove unwanted people, remove stunning pimples, remove text or stickers, and clean the perfect shot up.

    It also has a premium package subscription which provides some other tools to edit your photos and make it a perfect shot. In short, Photo Retouch is a convenient, smart, and highly functional for its purposes.

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