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    How to Pick Up a Best Blu-ray Player : A Comprehensive Guide

    The Blu-Ray players are still popular, in spite of the streaming services. Due to large memory capacity, the Blu-Ray disc works out the files uncompressed delivering the best of Full HD and UHD video and the crystal clear sound. An Internet downfall won’t interfere with your movie-watching, either.

    The offers for Blu-Ray players range in price, quality, and functions. Here’s the quick guide on how to pick the one suiting your needs the best.


    If You Have 4K TV

    Such a TV is a considerable expense, so, it might be disappointing to find out there are but a few 4K movies available at streaming services. Besides, the files come compressed and might not be overly impressive. If you have a glorious 4K TV and wish to get a full effect of HDR and 4K format, go with the Blu-Ray player that supports 4K / HDR (like an Oppo UDP-203), for an outstanding video.


    If You Love DVDs

    Have a vast collection of DVDs or enjoy listening to some particular A-DVD (“A” stands for “audio”) once in a while? All Blu-Ray players can play DVDs; yet, some of the new models (such as Panasonic DMP-BDT360) have the upconverting feature that adjusts the video to be displayed on a screen with a larger resolution. Others possess the “zoom” function letting you see the picture in the proper size it was supposed to be played.


    If You Like the 3D

    If you enjoy watching 3D, consider it when choosing a Blu-Ray player. See a hot LG UP870 option. Not all the models support the 3D format, though. Remember that your TV must support 3D. And you will need the glasses, too.  


    If You Have Other Devices to Connect

    The number and nature of inputs and outputs are essential if you have a large acoustic system or plan to plug in some more devices (a preamp, an AV receiver, a USB flash drive, headphones, etc.) Having the HDMI outputs with the latest version of HDCP protection will ensure perfect uncompressed data transmission to all the components of your home cinema set. Don’t forget to purchase the cables, though. Meanwhile, a fast and powerful Bluetooth can work well for connecting your headphones, wireless speaker or a smartphone. Find both features in Samsung UBD-K8500.


    If You Need the Updates

    Wish to receive the updates to the controls, menu or formats’ support? Then, Wi-Fi connection is a must-have. The updates are downloaded and installed automatically, or you can set up a manual upgrade. The fast and solid Wi-Fi connection is a feature of Philips BDP7502.


    If You Like Streaming

    Enjoy watching the newest movies and audio files through streaming apps? Streaming via the Blu-Ray player will preserve the perfect quality of the initial file due to the HDMI connection to your TV and/or an AV receiver. Most of the modern Blu-Ray players (like Sony UBP-X800) have several streaming options (the most popular are Vudu, Netflix, Pandora), while some particular services (like CinemaNow or Spotify) might not be supported.

    Now, sum up your answers, and you will come up with the idea of your ideal Blu-Ray player! Bet you will immediately find it on the professional website has-sound!  

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