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    How to Fix Stuck Windows Update?

    Most of the times, you are unaware that the applications in your system, including the operating system itself, is scheduled for an auto-update. Hence, you just usually receive a notification when the update has already been completed. It’s just alright, but sometimes there are occasions when the update initializes and gets hanged or freezes up in the process. In effect, it simply gets unresponsive in all the ways. Your screen may flash various messages for windows update but you may not observe any changes while you are either clicking a mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard.

    Now, the question is how do you solve Upgrade Stuck Issue? How do you make your system go back to normal once again? Well, there are solutions for all these issues that are briefly discussed in the blog below.


    Different Ways to Fix the Stuck Windows Update Installation

    Before fixing the issue head-on, make sure that the issue actually does exist and is currently interfering the normal working condition of your computer system. If not, you might just be wasting time or worst, initiating a much difficult issue in your device.

    To identify if your Windows update is currently stuck, look closely at the hard drive activity light. If the light is flashing and blinking, then the update process is continuing. But if the light is off, then it means your stuck. Updates run from as short as a few minutes to as long as three (3) hours.

    For windows update stuck related problems, try out the following solutions:

    • Log-in Via Keyboard Shortcuts – when stuck up, you can’t use your mouse, so your keyboard is your primary tool by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del all at once. This command will navigate your windows and turn you back to the log-in screen. Log-in as if you just turn on the computer and the windows update will just continue.
    • Restart your computer – another option that may save your day is by restarting your device. This action is done in different ways. First, you can simply press the reset or power button of your laptop. In doing so, when the “do not turn off the computer” reminder flashes on the screen, disregard it and proceed to re-booting your computer. By restarting your computer, updates will be installed and the will enable the smooth operation of your system.
    • Operate under safe mode – If the system drives you to startup settings or the advanced boot settings while installing the update, select safe mode. Operating in a safe mode may serve you with limited drivers and applications. But, once the updates are installed successfully, you can restart your laptop and expect it to work under normal windows processing.
    • Opt for System restore – after using all the other options mentioned above and still, the stuck problem persists, then you can opt for a system restore. By doing so, it will stop any updates running at the moment which will allow you to restart your computer and work normally again.

    Now, in order to restore the setting, log-in your Windows into safe mode. As a result, it will drag you out from the stuck windows update dilemma. Hence, you can update your system later by manually making changes.  However, if the loop or system hang is caused by a weekly or periodic update, make sure to change the settings or else it might get stuck in the situation over and over again.



    Final Words:

    Make sure to follow these tips and tricks discussed in this blog to ensure you can handle system update stuck issues. However, do not fall into the trap of using all these tricks simultaneously. You need to be patient in trying which is fitting to your case. It would really take time checking the status of your windows updates when stuck.

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