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    How to find and Reset the Network Name (SSID) Easily

    Every wireless network has its own network name or SSID which is set by default by the router manufacturer and can be changed later according to the owner’s wishes. The network name is quite useful when you need to find the network you want to connect to. If you are using the router out of the box, then the SSID is normally printed on a label on the router along with the wireless network password. However, if you have changed the SSID then you can check it in the router settings page.


    How to find the Default SSID?

    If you have never changed the network name on your own, chances are that you are still using the default SSID which is predefined in the factory. In the past, router manufacturers used their brand name and assigned it to the router during the production stage. So it was normal to see SSIDs like D-Link, Netgear, Linksys and so on. However, today most modern routers have unique network names. All you have to do is to check the box in which the router was packed or look for a label on the router (usually under the router). Here you can also find the network password, the default login IP for the router along with the login username and password. If you don’t have the box or there is no label, take a look at the router’s user manual.

    If you want to check what is the actual SSID of your router you have to access the router configuration page. To do this you actually have to login to the router. However, to do this you will have to use a PC or laptop which is physically connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. Once you connect the router and the PC, launch your browser and type the IP found on the router package or label (generally in the URL bar. When the login page appears type the default username and password. Of course this applies if you haven’t changed any of these in the past. Otherwise you can use the combination of the following words: admin and password. These are most often used as a combination to login to the router. Simply try any of these.


    How to login and reset the SSID?

    So, when you login to the router’s configurations page take a closer look at the menu on the left. You want to access the Wireless part of the menu. In there you will see the SSID. If you want to change it, you can do it there. However, after you do this make sure to reconfigure your devices which were previously connected to the network and connect them to the new SSID. If you ignore this step all the devices you have used previously in your wireless network will be disconnected from the same network. Another thing you have to know is that changing the SSID and protecting the network with a password is essential step which increases the security of your wireless network.

    If for some reason you can’t login to the router you will have to reset it to the factory settings. This will erase all the changes made by the user and bring back the predefined factory settings. This also means that you will have to configure the router all over again.

    Although some steps may be slightly different, the hard reset of the router is pretty much the same. For example, you need a pin to press the reset button which is usually hidden at the back of the router. After you press the button, keep it pressed for 10-20 seconds. After you release it the router will boot up again and you’ll have to wait till the router LED lights stabilize. After theta you will have to login with the default login details and make all the necessary changes.

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